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BRAVO: Thousands of ISIS Rape Victims Join Together and Form an Army to Fight Back!

Friends, some of the best lessons learned are some of the hardest lessons learned. Following the capture and forced sexual slavery of the Islamic State of 2,000 Yazidi women, the women have set their sights on dealing with these Islamic devils by forming an army called the “Sun Ladies.”
Some 2,000 Yazidi women who were captured in the brutal August 2014 attack on their mountain stronghold have escaped and have taken up arms against their former tormentors. Driven by the fresh memories of unspeakable atrocities and the survival of their people, hundreds have signed up to fight the black-clad terrorist army.
They call themselves the “Force of the Sun Ladies,” a name that reflects the culture’s solar reverence. Monotheistic and embracing elements of several religions, Yazidi once numbered 650,000 in Iraq, nearly all on the northern Nineveh Plain. ISIS’ genocidal campaign to “purify” Iraq of non-Muslims led to the slaughter of thousands and displaced at least 200,000.
Now we are defending ourselves from the evil; we are defending all the minorities in the region,” Capt. Khatoon Khider told “We will do whatever is asked of us.”
Of the number of Yazidi women who have been trained and are fighting alongside their male counterparts, Khider is one of 123. Their ages range from 17 to 37, and there are at least another 500 awaiting their training.
yazidi-women-in-iraq ISISAs we have reported in the past, not only have Yazidi women been subjected to such horrific conditions under the Islamic State, to the point where they make phone calls crying to bomb them to put them out of their misery, but we have also reported onChristian veterans who have left the States in order to help the Peshmerga and the women they rescue.
Khider also told FOX News about some of the reports we’ve carried here about women throwing their babies off the tops of mountains and jumping themselves in order to bring a swift end to their lives, rather than either die a brutal death or be made sex slaves by the Islamic animals of the region,according to Islamic jihad.
“Women were throwing their children from the mountains and then jumping themselves because it was a faster way to die,” Khider said. “Our hands were all tied. We couldn’t do anything about it.
“Whenever a war wages, our women end up as the victims,” she added.
“Our elite force is a model for other women in the region,” she said. “We want to thank all the other countries who help us in this difficult time, we want everyone to take up weapons and know how to protect themselves from the evil.”

Saturday, 27 August 2016

UK: 1 Million Failed Asylum Seekers Clog London – Only 1 in 20 Deported.

UK Judge Speaks Out: ‘Country Can’t Cope’, More Than 1 Million Illegal Immigrants May Be In London Alone

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by Donna Rachel Edmunds
Brietbart, 22 Aug 2016
As few as one in twenty failed asylum seekers are being deported by authorities after having their applications turned down, an asylum judge in Britain has revealed. Consequently, there may be as many as one million illegal immigrants living in London alone.
Three million migrants are thought to be arriving in Europe each year, according to the judge, who has had to remain anonymous as speaking out without the express permission of the Home Office contravenes their rules.
“Can Europe really sustain three million people coming to its shores every year?” he asks, in an article for theMail on Sunday.
Whilst acknowledging that some cases are deserving, the judge admits that the vast majority of cases which come before him are not.
“[T]o describe [those who need our support] as a minority of those who appear before me is a tragic understatement because the truth is that the great majority of the claimants at my tribunals are not attempting to escape persecution at all. They are economic migrants, pure and simple,” he says.
He adds: “The discrepancy between the official figures and what is actually going down the pipes shows there are a million more people in London than are legally registered, and another half a million more outside the capital”.
Speaking of the cultural shift, he says: “[S]ome of the stories told to me and my fellow judges beggar belief. Take the example of the middle-aged woman from West Africa who claimed that she was escaping from a grandmother threatening her with female genital mutilation (FGM).
“Now FGM is a horrific practice that is carried out on millions of young girls but never – according to my investigations – on very mature women. Especially not by their elderly grandmothers.
“As for Afghan asylum seekers, most of them that come here are underage children sent on by their parents. The Government automatically gives them temporary leave to stay. Then, as soon as they reach 18 and are ordered home, they claim asylum.
“Then there are those who claim the right to a family life, which is the last resort of the rascal in my opinion.
“A colleague of mine had before him the case of a Muslim from Asia who had lived here for years with a wife and children, and then went back to his country of birth to marry three other wives, as he is allowed to do under Islamic law, and had more children.
“Those later children then claimed British nationality, even though we don’t recognise polygamy in our marriage laws, and the mothers also claimed the right to come over here with the children on the basis of a right to family life. That obligation was imposed on the UK Government by Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Right.
“Astounding as it might seem to you or to me, they were successful on appeal.
In fact, the vast majority of claimants appear to be successful on appeal – or adept at avoiding deportation.
“I was in no way surprised by last week’s government figures showing that thousands of false and retrospective asylum claims are clogging up the system, because I have seen this with my own eyes,” the judge continues.
“[O]nly a tiny proportion, between five and ten per cent of the people I recommend for removal, are ever taken from these shores.”
The result is an immigration system which is completely out of control.
“Our population is growing at the fastest rate for nearly a century, at around half a million people a year,” the judge says. “It has been suggested this means building the equivalent of a city the size of Liverpool every year.
“There is a practical limit to tolerance. The British public will not put up with housing all who come here.
“You can be as liberal as you like about the issue, but it has a big impact on our poorer communities where resources are scarce and there is competition for jobs and housing.
“Those champions of freedom of immigration tend to live privileged lives away from the problems of overcrowded schools and surgeries. Their children are not going to schools where they are the only ones who speak English and the others have to have lessons that hold everyone in the class back by several years.”
The answer, the judge says, essentially boils down to political will.
“As it happens, I am politically liberal. But neither Left or Right are honest about the problem.
“The Conservatives do not want to spend the necessary money sorting it out, while New Labour under Tony Blair helped create the mess by realising that migration, legal and illegal, is a source of cheap labour to boost the economy.
“In addition, most on the Left are too fearful of being considered racist if they criticise immigration levels.”
On a practical level, the judge recommends two keys policy strands to combat runaway immigration: helping the countries of origin to grow economically, reducing the pull to Britain, and taking a much tougher line on illegal immigration at home, including handing more resources to the border authorities.
“North African countries, for instance, need access to European markets; they need developed economies and a decent life for their citizens. Until that happens, those false claimants we do manage to remove will continue to return.
“But there are measures we can take in the short term, too. I would like to see us going back to the old system of questioning people about their claims as soon as they arrive.
“That was stopped after the EU ruled that it was too traumatic to question people immediately.
“I question the automatic right of people to live here permanently by marrying a British national or by having a child with a British national. Too many of these arrangements are short-lived.
“We should clamp down still further on the black market in labour that allows illegals to stay below the radar.
“And, of course, we need to give the Borders Agency adequate resources and real political backing so that when my fellow judges and I decide that a claim is false – and, remember, this undermines those in genuine need – our rulings are met with action.
“We are lucky that Britain is an island with its own natural barrier, but at the moment immigration judges like me are presiding over an impossible situation.”

“There are 50mil Muslims in Europe, 80% are beggars on welfare”

Egyptian Islamist Researcher Ali Abd Al-Aal being lectured by Swedish-Algerian Journalist Yahya Abu Zakariya on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon), October 12, 2012:
Yahya Abu Zakariya: It has become customary for the sheiks preaching in mosques to talk in their sermons and lectures, about “the infiltrating infidel West”, “the European- Crusader West,” “the abode of infidels and the abode of Islam”
I have presented claims that the Muslims in Andalusia engaged in fornication, homosexuality, and debauchery.
Today, if you go to the West and tour the European continent, where there are 50 million Muslims… 80% of these Muslims are beggars, living on Western welfare.
In other words, the European pay taxes, and the state gives the Muslim money to buy food.
The Muslim in the West does not earn his daily bread.
If he were in the Islamic world, he would die – even the cows and the goats cannot get their sustenance in the Islamic world.
80% are unemployed.
Let me give you an example from Sweden.
There are 500 Islamic associations and only one Jewish association. Every mosque in Europe suffers from theft. In accordance with the European law for support of religions and cultural diversity, the state provides Muslims with funding, and the managers of the mosques steal those funds.
At times, you encounter an Imam who employs his wife as the floor sweeper, and then tells her to stay at home.
Then you have fake divorces.
A Muslim divorces his wife on paper, and when social services give her a home, he takes his wife back and they rent out the house on the black market.
I used to visit Muslim prisoners in the West. These drug dealers and rapists would say to me: Tell the warden to get us halal food. They wanted their meat slaughtered in the Islamic way. I would say to them: “Even if you were eating pork, it would renounce you. You peddle drugs in the name of Muhammad and Islam, yet you claim that you belong to the pure Islamic civilization.”
The Muslims do not rise to the level of their religion. The bombings that took place in London, in Madrid, and all around, the Western image of a Muslim boastfully slaughtering…. The camera shows a long-bearded Muslim slaughtering another muslim, while crying “Allah Akbar”. what do you expect from the West when it is exposed to such rotten ethics? To simply ignore this and absolve them?
Ali Abd Al-Aal: Man, you are weird.
Yahya Abu Zakariya: As weird as the Islamic world?
Ali Abd Al-Aal: I really don’t know what to do about you.
Yahya Abu Zakariya: May God help you.
Ali Abd Al-Aal: Give me a chance to talk here. We are aware of everything you mentioned. These things exist, but I don’t think we should be wasting your time, my time, and that of the viewers on your listing of tragedies, afflictions, and crimes….
Yahya Abu Zakariya: I did not come here in order to denounce America and Europe. I am entirely with you: Let’s bring down America, but first, let’s stop slaughtering one another, and then we can attack America.
Ali Abd Al-Aal: Brother, I didn’t ask you to denounce anyone. I have come here to discuss relations between the West and the Arab and Islamic civilization. Any toddler in Cairo or Yemen could say all the things you said.
This is known to all.
Don’t believe that all the Muslims are like that. who told you that? Islam is full of respect for animals and even for inanimate objects.
Yahya Abu Zakariya: We used to invite some Islamic preachers to Western capitals. We would tell them that it is difficult to arrange morning sessions for them, because most Islamic students are at school. It’s better to do it at night. But some of those preachers preferred to spend their nights watching porn, instead of giving lessons to Islamic children.
Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)
October 12, 2012
Original clip:

ISIS Hackers Publish a Step-by-Step “How to Guide for Muslims to Poison Westerners”

ISIS Hackers Lab 2

Also.. be sure to watch the NEW ISIS Instructional Video below, where they teach Muslims how to attack “us” with screwdrivers, loaded syringes, etc…

by, Charlie Bayliss | The Express UK | Blazing CatFur | The Clarion Project

An Islamic State-supported group of hackers has used an encrypted app to encourage Daesh followers to carry out attacks on Westerners using poisons.

Hackers posted a step-by-step guide on how to poison unbelievers, which has already been downloaded by dozens of brainwashed followers.

The group, called Cyber Kahilafah, uploaded the guide onto the Telegram app describing how to make the home-made poisons and kill non-Muslims.

The manual, titled “The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook,” details how to make dangerous poisons and gases along with listing lethal substances such as chlorine, phosphorus and carbon monoxide and where to get them.

Jihadi Abel Aziz authored the deadly guide, which is being used by ISIS terrorists.

The guide claims to have tested the lethal substances on animals, and details how a rabbit “shrieked immediately” and died with blood spilling from its mouth after being given poison by a wannabe jihadi.

Along with the detailed instructions and diagrams, the manual cautions would-be jihadis to be careful when preparing the concoctions.

It warns: “Be very careful when preparing poisons. It is much, much more dangerous than preparing explosives!

“I know several Mujahids whose bodies are finished due to poor protection etc.

“On the positive side, you can be confident that the poisons have actually been tried and tested (successfully, he he!).”

In the past, the Cyber Kahilafah group has targeted ISIS enemies on the Telegram app.

Guides on how to make IED bombs have been posted on the app by the group, which can be accessed by any follower from around the world.

The app is said to encrypt messages from users to help jihadis avoid detection from security services.

Terror expert Neil Doyle said: “The emergence of such guides on Telegram is a cause for great concern, as they can be distributed far and wide in a very short time.

“There is great danger in the proliferation of this type of material, as would-be terrorists may seek to use them to cause mayhem in so-called lone wolf attacks.

“Also, the use of encryption potentially make tracing the people receiving these documents more difficult for the authorities.

“There is evidence to suggest that this guide may have been used in one suspected failed attack in London some years ago.”

Adel Kermiche, who slaughtered an elderly priest in Normandy last month, boasted on the app “you take a knife, you go into a church, you cause carnage” before the savage killing.

The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook (For Educational Purposes Only.)

NOTE: The Following Video has been given a SAFE Rating and Contains NO GRAPHIC Images.

ISIS Video Urges Followers to Improvise and Strike at Home:

Video courtesy of: The Clarion Project and Mail Online

The McMuslim Rapist: Muslim Immigrant Stalks Swedish Woman at McDonalds, Assaults and Attempts Rape.

Girl Crying 185 (resized)

A 20-year-old Arab who comes from an unknown country and has been in Sweden illegally, will now be prosecuted for attempting to rape a woman outdoors in Stockholm. In connection with the crime he stole the victim’s necklace also, according to the indictment.

According to Expressen the Arab man picked out his victim inside the McDonalds at Slussen in central Stockholm, on the 26th of July.

He sat down at the woman’s table and explained that he would have sex with her.

She clearly rejected the man, but when she walked away he followed her to Stadsgården, where he went on the attack.

Sweden Muslim Rapist 2

According to the prosecution, the Arab presented his genitals and held the woman with his hands. He grabbed her body and arms and held her down “while he was trying to pull her down on the ground, whereupon he pushed his body and his erect penis against the plaintiff’s body and brought his hands under the victim’s dress and tried to pull off her pantyhose,” says in the lawsuit.

“[The defendant] also pressed his mouth against mouth of the plaintiff. The plaintiff, as a result of the [Arab’s] actions, has suffered abrasions and bruises on her body,” it says in the lawsuit.

The woman managed to escape before the rape could be completed and the following day the man was arrested. He had previously been arrested for other crimes, according to Expressen.

– He denies the crime. He claims to have no memory of the girl, says prosecutor Katarina Bergström to the left-liberal newspaper.

The man is also accused of larceny for stealing the woman’s necklace in connection with the rape attempt.

The prosecutor claims that the Arab will be deported back home to the Arab world again, after serving his sentence.

Ahmed is really something else.

Editorial Footnote:

by, J. Schuyler Montague | sharia unveiled

‘..A 20-year-old Arab who comes from an unknown country and has been in Sweden illegally, will now be prosecuted for attempting to rape a woman..’

‘..The prosecutor claims that the Arab will be deported back home to the Arab world again, after serving his sentence..’

Wonderful. But, a little late, don’t ya’ think?

It would have been nice if the illegal Muslim Rapist was deported PRIOR to raping an innocent Swedish woman.

It would have been even better yet, had he never been in Sweden to rape in the first place.

And long after the Muslim Rapist is gone.. this tragedy will live on… the heart and mind of this woman.

Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic:

Video courtesy of: Gatestone Institute

         H E L P  S T O P  R A P E  –  R E P A T R I A T E  A L L  M U S L I M S  N O W!