Saturday, 26 July 2014

UK: City Council Paying Employers £2,500 for Every Non-White Hired, Turns Out It’s a National Program.

Apprentices Ollie Rablin and Rob Morgan with the managing director of Get Me Group, Ben Drain who has blasted Essex Council’s Anti-White grants to employers.
A British recruitment agency leader has condemned the Essex Country Council for discriminating against White British people.
And here I was thinking it was impossible for anyone to be condemned for such a thing.
Ben Drain, managing director of Get Me Group, learnt of the policy as he looked into the authority’s £2,500 grant for employers taking on an apprentice.
He said: “I think it is outrageous that our own council is discriminating against young white British people – and encouraging employers to positively discriminate against them.
“Essex County Council will provide the wage subsidy for every apprentice taken on if they are of non-white British ethnicity.
“If they are of white British ethnicity, then they have to meet other eligibility criteria that other ethnicities do not.”
Since 2009, the Essex County Council-managed Essex Apprenticeship programme has supported 1,556 employers to recruit 2,745 young people into an apprenticeship.
The number of young people unemployed, or not in training or education, has gone from 2,531 or 6.2 per cent since January 2011 to 2,237 or 4.7 per cent at the end of January this year.
…”The £2,500 wage subsidy is only for certain sectors, which is fine, but if they want to encourage apprenticeships it should be open to everyone.
“White British young people are finding it tough, so why is the council paying and encouraging employers to positively discriminate?”
But Essex County Council says the Diversity in Apprenticeship (DIA) initiative is a national programme funded by the National Apprenticeship Service, and therefore out of their hands.
Deputy leader, Cllr Kevin Bentley, said: “It offers funding to employers to support groups who are underrepresented in the workplace.
This is, of course, simply par for the course.  Which is why you won’t be hearing any outrage about it, even though it is a national program.  This Ben Drain guy is probably the only White British person with the balls to publicly mention it.  Discrimination against White men happens every single day, and it is institutionalized.
We are being punished for having descended from those who built this civilization.
And there isn’t any bottom to it.
Kevin Bentley
Essex Councillor Kevin Bentley seemed to think this was fine as it was only this particular apprenticeship program that was paying employers not to take on White people.

Friday, 25 July 2014

They’re Heeeeere!

They’re Heeeeere!

WOO HOO! Simon Cowell donates £90,000 ($150,000+) to the IDF. Twittersphere explodes!

Simon Cowell bombarded with (mostly phony, no doubt) images of dead Gaza children’ over his $150,000+ Israeli Defense Forces donation. Lest anyone forget, Simon Cowell is of Jewish heritage.


IB Times  Simon Cowell has provoked the wrath of pro-Palestine Twitter users by gifting £90,000 to an Israeli army charity.

According to the Daily Mail, the X Factor boss has been bombarded with gruesome images of dead Palestinian children after it emerged that he donated the cash to the Friends of the Israel Defence Forces (FIDF) at a fundraiser in Beverley Hills last year. During the dinner, Cowell belted out the Power Ranger theme tune after billionaire host Haim Saban vowed to donate $1m to the FIDF.


But following the invasion of Gaza earlier this month, many fans have taken aim at the media mogul, accusing him of aiding the conflict. “You have blood on ur hands”, one user tweeted, along with an image of four dead Palestinian children on stretchers.

Another tried to appeal to the new father’s protective side, saying: “u donated money to Israel to do this. Now imagine this was ur child”. The posts have since been deleted.

Cowell, the grandson of a Jewish refugee, has been embracing Judaism after his Jewish girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth to his son. “He is open to reason on the subject of religion and the faith in which his son is brought up,” an insider previously told the Mirror. “But he is naturally inquisitive and really wants to visit Israel so that he can make a more informed decision.”

Cowell has yet to comment on the backlash but he did send them this:


UK Labour Party: “We will introduce state funded Islamic schools in 2015.

A new proposal under the Labour party could see that some church of England schools are replaced by Islamic schools in order to embrace multiculturalism at primary school age level.
State funded Islamic schools: white British children wearing burkas alongside Muslim kids.
The proposal which is being drawn up by Ed Miliband seeks to bring cultural fairness across the board and allow the Muslim council of great Britain to provisionally run the proposed islamic schools.
In the interest of fairness, application to entry of these ‘Islamic Schools’ would be open to anybody from any cultural or religious background but uniform rules would apply to all, meaning that a white British girl would be made to wear the traditional Islamic burka whilst boys would be made to wear Islamic robes.
A spokesman for the Labour Party, John Chapman said, ‘The idea of having Islamic schools running alongside state Christian schools is an exciting idea and the way forward in terms of bettering Britain’s understanding of the islamic religion’
‘These state funded Islamic schools would be maintained by the Islamic council of great Britain who currently form an impromptu government over the Islamic states of great Britain, we seek to further our relationship with the council and work with them constructively to build a better multiculturalist future for Britain’.
The Labour party would hope to have the first Islamic School up and running by 2017, providing its a success then they plan a further 20 across the country for 2018,
This new move comes amidst a series of new policy moves introduced by the Labour Party which they hope to implement should they win the general election in 2015.
Should Britain have state funded Islamic Schools?  NO
The Labour party of yesteryear is nothing like the Labour party of today, because today ALL the Labour town councils are run by Muslims. Muslims are swarming in the Labour party, with Muslim MPs all over the country.
In Bolton, plans for a super Mosque have just gone through, it's been passed because the Muslims say so. and the council do as they are told. Of course they will say this is not true, the same as they will say it's not true about a  3 story Mosque being built in Farnworth Bolton. Muslims run the towns and cities that you live in.
As soon as they get a foot in, that's the end and they will do just what they want, with no one to stop them. Now Miliband is going to fund Islamic state schools. England is being turned in to an Islamic country right under our noses, they are doing it from primary age, so the children can be brainwashed from a very early age.
Ed Miliband and his Labour party are traitors, they hate the English people, in fact they hate anyone who is White. the Labour party are 99% peadophiles, who they think images of naked underage girls is alright. The Labour party and the Conservatives have no problem at all with Muslims who marry six year old children, and they have no problem with Muslim children going through FGM. Female Genital Mutilation.
Labour. Conservatives, the Lib/Dems and even Ukip are down right evil, they are in full support of the Muslims taking over Great Britain, and there is nothing we can do about it.
There is one remote chance to save the UK, and that is by voting the British National Party. it is our only chance and our very last chance.

TMI: TV Reality star Khloe Kardashian abstains from sex during Ramadan with her boyfriend who is a Muslim.


Khloe Kardashian is not having sex with her rapper boyfriend French Montana due to his Islamic religious beliefs. The reality star revealed in a radio interview that she and Montana are abstaining during the month of Ramadan out of respect for his faith.

I wonder if anyone has told Khloe what Muslims did to members of her father’s Armenian family?


UK Daily Mail  ‘There’s no sex during Ramadan,’ she told Power 105, adding jokingly, ‘That’s so fun.’ French also said he is currently eschewing alcohol for Ramadan as well as fasting during the daylight hours, per the requirements of the faith.

Meanwhile, Montana has been accused of being a bad influence on Khloe. But the Kardashian had some harsh words for her critics. ‘They’re not f**king him, so why should they care?’ the 30-year-old said during the same radio interview, alongside her rapper beau.


French certainly seems smitten with his new girlfriend, and he’s not shy to show it. He posted a picture on Instagram last week of Khloe’s rear end.While French can hardly be accused of being the classiest boyfriend, he is obviously very proud of his 30-year-old partner’s shape.

In the image only the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s bottom can be seen as she lies on an unmade bed in a pair of brown hot pants. French captioned the image just ‘#asssscap.’


What a T**t this Muslim rapper looks like wearing sun glasses, a gold chain while holding a gun. What sort of an example is this moron sending out. He's supposed to be a practicing Muslim, yet he's going out with a non Muslim who swigs from a bottle of booze, what a joke. And what about Khole Kardashian, better known as Lard Arse. What a couple of misfits, they deserve each other. Yuk.