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That would've been Better Left Unsaid! Ariana Grande 'overheard saying she hoped her fans would all f***ing die'

She is fast getting a reputation for being a bit of a diva.
But Arianna Grande looks set to be subjected to another torrent of criticism after it was claimed she said she hoped her fans would 'f***ing die.'

The 21-year-old Better Left Unsaid warbler is said to have come out with the astonishing statement while visiting a New York radio station in the summer.
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Crowd pleaser: But apparently after being all sweetness and light with fans Ariana Grande said she hoped they would 'all f***ing die' to colleagues
Crowd pleaser: But apparently after being all sweetness and light with fans Ariana Grande said she hoped they would 'all f***ing die' to colleagues.

An industry insider told the New York Daily News: 'She did autographs and pics and was all smiles until she got into the elevator
'And as soon as the doors shut she said, "I hope they all f***ing die."'
Her unfortunate alleged choice of words comes on the back of other claims the pop tart is growing too big for her boots.

The Florida favourite caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth when she walked out on a meet-and-greet in Australia, supposedly because she did not appreciate how she was being photographed.

Her lackeys are said to have told snappers, 'Don’t use natural light' and 'Do shoot only from the left side of her face.'
Ariana's underlings were also reported to have told Australian reporters they were not allowed to ask her about dating, her disastrous Nickelodeon show, a rumoured collaboration with Justin Bieber and, perhaps most bizarrely of all, comparisons to Mariah Carey.

A not-so-Grande gesture: No doubt many of her teenybopper fans will be put off by the cheeky girl's behaviour
A not-so-Grande gesture: No doubt many of her teenybopper fans will be put off by the cheeky girl's behaviour
E's Giuliana Rancic gleefully piled in after her problems Down Under by claiming the singer was hard to work with at last year’s AMAs.
The saucy TV host claimed Ariana nudged her out the way so the camera would get her 'good side.'
She said: 'I just felt like it’s one thing if it’s Mariah. Whatever it takes to get Mariah to do an interview.
'But when you’re new on the block, when you’re trying to earn your stripes, you’re young, you just gotta do what you gotta do.'
She is also said to have been 'a total nightmare' earlier this month at a Stand up to Cancer event in Los Angeles and on Monday refused to have individual snaps taken with fans who had paid $495 to have their photo taken with her.
Here we have Ariana Grande who clearly does not care one little bit about her fans. It's one thing when she is on stage making millions out of her fans and telling them that she loves them and it's another when she is back in the dressing room wishing all her fans would die.

Which makes you think about the bombing at the Manchester Arena where a little 8 year old girl lost her life the night Grande was playing, i wonder if she was thinking the same then after knowing a child had lost her life, after all Grande did say she wished ALL her friends would f*****g die. People like Grande and Justin Bieber and people like them, have no time for their fans what so ever, they only care for the money and nothing else.

I hope when this get out, which it looks like it already has, i hope she is dumped by her record company and i hope all her fans turn their backs on her, she is nothing but a stuck bitch with millions of dollars, who hope ALL HER FAN WOULD DIE.

'I love an animal ear': Ariana Grande talks about her style
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RAMADAMADINGDONG in Egypt starts off with a bang as Islamic terrorists murder dozens of Coptic Christians.

Children were among the dozens slaughtered as Islamic terrorist gunmen (not necessarily ISIS) ambush a convoy of Egyptian Coptic Christians. No immediate claim of responsibility.

RT  (h/t Mano) Gunmen opened fire on two buses and a truck carrying Coptic Christians in Minya, Egypt on Friday, killing at least 28, including children. Some 24 people were also injured in the attack.

The group of between eight and 10 gunmen, reportedly dressed in military uniforms according to eyewitnesses, approached the convoy in three four-wheel-drive pickup trucks before opening fire, according to local media reports and the Egyptian Interior Ministry. “They used automatic weapons,” Essam el-Bedaiwy, governor of Minya told state television as cited by AFP.

Heavily armed special forces and local police established a perimeter around the scene and launched a hunt for the attackers, setting up dozens of roadblocks in the area and sending out patrols to scour the desert road.

The Grand Imam of al-Azhar Ahmad al-Tayeb believes the attack was intended to destabilize the country. Al-Azhar is a center of Islamic learning in Egypt that dates back more than 1,000.

Graphic Images of the dead:

C’MON FOX NEWS, now’s your chance to make British commentator, Katie Hopkins, a permanent addition to your line-up.

LEFT WING FASCISTS take down another truth-teller about Islamic terrorism. Katie Hopkins has been dumped by LBC radio following days of Twitter fury and threatened boycotts over her tweet calling for a ‘final solution’ to the problem of Muslim violence.

Spiked-Online  (h/t Larry A) Whatever you think of Katie, you should still be worried that she has lost her job at the behest of a clamouring mob of self-righteous tweeters and bleaters. Was Hopkins’ tweet, which she posted on the evening of the Manchester attack, offensive? Yep. ‘22 dead – number rising… Do not be a part of the problem. We need a final solution’, she typed.

It’s one thing to be offended by something (you can be offended by whatever you like) – it’s quite another to mobilize your feelings of offence to the end of getting someone sacked, and by extension warning everyone else in public life that if they say anything like this, if they venture too far from the realm of Acceptable Thought, then they too will face fury, punishment and potentially the loss of their livelihood.

NO, people don’t have a right to a radio show, but if they have a radio show and it is taken away from them at the fuming request of liberals who don’t understand the first thing about liberty, then that absolutely is a free-speech issue. Then it is unquestionably an act that falls under the banner, somewhere, of censorship.

What we have discovered is that small but noisy gangs of ostentatious offence-takers have assumed the authority to shape public and media life to their tastes. They are crowing over Hopkins’ sacking, but what they’re really crowing over is their power to expel deplorables from the media sphere, their right to police the parameters of Acceptable Thought and forbid entry to anyone who doesn’t morally measure up. ‘Hurrah, Hopkins is gone’ translates into ‘Say something we don’t like and you’re finished’. Who’s next? I’m sure they’re already thinking about that.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling AK party has officially adopted the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood four-finger hand sign as its symbol.

The hand sign, known as “Rabia” was originally used in 2013 in solidarity with Muslim Brotherhood supporters of Egypt’s ousted president Mohammed Morsi (from theMuslim Brotherhood party). Morsi’s allies camped out in Rabaa Square in Cairo, Egypt, where they violently confronted police in defiance of then general (and now president) Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. 

Clarion Project  (RevereRidesAgain) A year after Morsi assumed power, and after numbers of protesters against him were in the tens of millions, el-Sisi and the military took control of the country. After the Rabaa Square showdown, where both police and protesters shot each other, the Rabia sign became the iconic symbol of the Brotherhood.

Erdogan flashes the sign frequently and in public. Rabia, which literally means “four,” has now become part of the AK party’s bylaws, which say the sign has been amended to stand for the party’s newly-adopted four principles: “one homeland, one state, one flag, one nation.”

The influence of Erdogan’s and the AK party’s increasingly Islamist influence on Turkey is also felt in other areas, particularly in the education of the next generation of Turks. At a public school in Istanbul, elementary students sang an Islamic hymn in Arabic in honor of “Reading Day,” a day that is normally used to celebrate the skills of children who have just learned to read in Turkish.

There was no mention of modern Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was a professed secularist, even though Reading Day occurred one day before the official day commemorating Ataturk.

Turkish news outlet Birgun reports, “Religion education has been one of the top priority (sic) of the Ministry of Education under the 15 years-long AKP rule in the country, while fields of science and arts have been considered with much less value.”

Following those guidelines, the Turkish Ministry of Education decreased lessons in art and philosophy to one class per week while lessons in the mandatory “Religion Culture and Values Education” increased.

DHS SECRETARY KELLY: “If you knew what I know about (Islamic) terrorism threats, you’d never leave your house”

There have been four major Muslim terrorist attacks in just the last week…and it’s only the second day of Ramadamadingdong.