Monday, 20 October 2014

EUROPE: Muslims declare ‘jihad’ on all dogs.

A Dutch Muslim politician has called for a ban on dogs in The Hague, the third-largest city in the Netherlands. Islamic legal tradition holds that dogs are ‘unclean’ animals, and some say the call to ban them in Holland and elsewhere represents an attempted encroachment of Islamic Sharia law in Europe.

This latest canine controversy — which the Dutch public has greeted with a mix of amusement and outrage — follows dozens of other Muslim-vs-dog-related incidents in Europe. Critics say it reflects the growing assertiveness of Muslims in Europe as they attempt to impose Islamic legal and religious norms on European society.
images-11The Dutch dustup erupted after Hasan Küçük, a Turkish-Dutch representative on The Hague city council for the Islam Democrats, vehemently opposed a proposal by the Party for the Animals (Partij voor de Dieren) to make the city more dog friendly.
 According to a January 28 report in the Amsterdam-based newspaper De Telegraaf, Küçük counter-argued that keeping dogs as pets is tantamount to animal abuse and he then called for the possession of dogs in The Hague to be criminalized.
According to its website, the Islam Democrats [ID] party is “founded on the Islamic principles of justice, equality and solidarity. ID is a bottom-up response to the large gap between the Muslim and immigrant communities and local politics…ID focuses on the political awareness within the Muslim and immigrant communities. Awareness about the need to organize, but also the need for mutual support.” 
images20Paul ter Linden, who represents the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) on The Hague city council, responded to Küçük by saying: “In this country pet ownership is legal. Whoever disagrees with this should move to another country.”
 Dutch political commentators believe Küçük’s declarations are a provocation designed to stir up the Muslim population in The Hague. Muslims — who now make up more than 12% of the city’s population of 500,000 — view dogs as ritually unclean animals and Küçük’s call for a ban on them is a sure vote-getter, they say.
The incident in Holland follows dog-related controversies in other European countries.
dog_kavala2-300x233IN SPAIN, two Islamic groups based in Lérida — a city in the northeastern region of Catalonia where 29,000 Muslims now make up around 20% of the city’s total population — asked local officials to regulate the presence of dogs in public spaces so they do not “offend Muslims.”
Muslims demanded that dogs be banned from all forms of public transportation including all city buses as well as from all areas frequented by Muslim immigrants. Muslims said the presence of dogs in Lérida violates their religious freedom and their right to live according to Islamic principles.
After the municipality refused to acquiesce to Muslim demands, the city experienced a wave of dog poisonings. More than a dozen dogs were poisoned in September 2011 (local media reports herehere, herehere and here) in Lérida’s working class neighborhoods of Cappont and La Bordeta, districts that are heavily populated by Muslim immigrants and where many dogs have been killed over the past several years.
Local residents taking their dogs for walks say they have been harassed by Muslim immigrants who are opposed to seeing the animals in public. Muslims have also launched a number of anti-dog campaigns on Islamic websites and blogs based in Spain.
IN BRITAIN, which has become “ground zero” for Europe’s canine controversies, blind passengers are being ordered off buses or refused taxi rides because Muslim drivers or passengers object to their “unclean” guide dogs.
In Reading, for example, one pensioner, a cancer sufferer, was repeatedly confronted by drivers and asked to get off the bus because of his guide dog. He also faced hostility at a hospital and in a supermarket over the animal.
In Nottingham, a Muslim taxi driver refused to carry a blind man because he was accompanied by his guide dog. The taxi driver was later fined £300 ($470).
In Stafford, a Muslim taxi driver refused to carry an elderly blind couple from a grocery store because they were accompanied by their seeing-eye dog.
In Tunbridge Wells, Kent, a blind man was turned away from an Indian restaurant because the owner said it was against his Muslim beliefs to allow dogs into his establishment.
In Londona bus driver prevented a woman from boarding a bus with her dog because there was a Muslim lady on the bus who “might be upset by the dog.” As the woman attempted to complain, the doors closed and the bus drove away. When a second bus arrived, she again tried to embark, but was stopped again, this time because the driver said he was Muslim.
img7cc6d763zikazj1-231x300Also in Britain, police sniffer dogs trained to spot terrorists at train stations may no longer come into contact with Muslim passengers, following complaints that it was offensive to their religion.
A report for the Transport Department advised that the animals should only touch passengers’ luggage because it is considered “more acceptable.” British Transport Police still use sniffer dogs — which are trained to detect explosives — with any passengers regardless of faith, but handlers are now more aware of “cultural sensitivities.”
Sniffer dogs used by police to search mosques and Muslim homes are now being fitted with leather bootees to cover their paws so that they do not cause offense.
Critics say the complaints are just another example of Muslims trying to force their rules and morals on British society. Tory MP Philip Davies said: “As far as I am concerned, everyone should be treated equally in the face of the law and we cannot have people of different religious groups laying the law down. I hope the police will go about their business as they would do normally.”
Meanwhile, Muslim prisoners in Britain are being given fresh clothes and bedding after sniffer dogs search their cells. The inmates say their bedclothes and prison uniforms must be changed according to Islamic law if they have come anywhere near dog saliva. Government rules mean prison wardens must hand out replacement sets after random drug searches to avoid religious discrimination claims.
The dogs have also been banned from touching copies of the Islamic holy book the Koran and other religious items. Prisoners are handed special bags to protect the articles.
IN SCOTLAND, the Tayside Police Department apologized for featuring a German shepherd puppy as part of a campaign to publicize its new non-emergency telephone number. The postcards are potentially offensive to the city’s 3,000-strong Muslim community.
IN NORWAY, Gry Berg, a blind woman, was denied entry into four taxis in the center of Oslo because she was accompanied by her guide dog.
IN FRANCE, Marie Laforêt, one of the country’s most well-known singers and actresses, appeared in a Paris courtroom in December to defend herself against charges that a job advertisement she placed discriminated against Muslims.
The 72-year-old Laforêt had placed an ad on an Internet website looking for someone to do some work on her terrace in 2009. She specified in the ad that “people with allergies or orthodox Muslims” should not apply “due to a small Chihuahua.” Laforêt claimed that she made the stipulation because she believed the Muslim faith saw dogs as unclean.
The case was taken up by an anti-discrimination group called the Movement against Racism and for Friendship between Peoples (MRAP), which lodged a complaint against Laforêt.
Laforêt’s lawyer said his client “knew that the presence of a dog could conflict with the religious convictions of orthodox Muslims. It was a sign of respect.” But Muslims rejected her defense.
Muslim woman with horse is allowed on a bus. Blind man with dog is not.

Muslims will allow a donkey on a bus but not a guide dog. This is showing everyone that Muslims are now taking over everywhere in Europe. Only the other day a blind lady was told to leave Tesco's  with her guide dog, she was told no dogs are allowed no matter if they are guide dogs.
These Muslim bastards are making up the rules as they go along, they are taking no notice of the policy that allows guide dogs onto a bus, a train, in a taxi and in to any shop in Europe, blind people are being embarrassed and humiliated by Muslims that have come to invade our countries.
All Muslims are the same, they all want the same thing and that is Sharia law for Europe with a Muslim government in every country. David Cameron will tell you that the moderate Muslims want to part of this, that is a big lie. The President of Turkey has said there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, he also said it is an insult to call any Muslim moderate. The President of Turkey then said, Muslims are Muslims, thy are all the same.
In Holland Muslims have been killing dogs by giving them poisoned meat, or by just beating them to death, these are not terrorists that are doing this, these are Muslims being Muslims who follow and believe every single word in the Koran. I don't know why it's taking so long for the people to wake up to what Muslims really stand for.
I don't know about the rest of Europe, but i know for a fact that England is over run with Muslims, the indigenous English people are now the minority in their own country, and Germany must be heading the same way. Sweden has already been took over with Muslims, and the time is coming when Muslims will take over Europe and the White people of Europe will be wiped out.
What we are seeing now with blind people being turned away from the shops buses and and taxis, is Muslims showing that they do not care for the people they work for, and they can't be sacked because the people they work for will be taken to court and loose, and the Muslims will come out on top as they always do. The Labour party has destroyed Great Britain through all the immigration, and they are happy they they have done it, and if the people vote for Labour at the next election, it will be the last nail in the coffin for England.

I’d go tomorrow' Hate cleric Anjem Choudary wants to leave UK and move to Islamic State.

RADICAL hate preacher Anjem Choudary wants to leave Britain and move to the so-called Islamic State, it was claimed yesterday.

Anjem Choudary has said he wants to live in the Islamic StateAnjem Choudary has said he wants to live in the Islamic State[PA]
The notorious cleric claims he’d jump at the chance to go and live under Sharia Law in Syria or Iraq.
“I’d go tomorrow. I’d love to bring my children up there,” he told us – just days before last night’s successful pounding by US-led coalition aircraft of the flashpoint Kurdish town of Kobani in Syria,” he said in a Sunday newspaper interview.
But the benefit claiming British citizen would first have to give up the State aid he gets towards his brood’s upkeep.
Choudary is currently on bail after being arrested with eight others last month on suspicion of encouraging terrorism and being a member of a proscribed organisation, or supporting a proscribed organisation.
The trained lawyer, whose passport was seized, has always denied inciting or glorifying acts of terrorism.
He said: “Everybody gets about $500 a month free of charge, no questions asked. Iraq and Syria can afford it as they have oil.
"You’re given free food, clothing and shelter. You get a free house and electricity, gas and water. You also get income support.”
Choudary, who was brought up in Britain to Pakistani parents, added: “I mean you don’t even get housing free of charge here. It’s a much better society there. Alcohol, gambling, pornography and drugs, are completely eradicated.”
Choudary, who condemned US ­airstrikes against Isis before his arrest, went on: “A huge number of people from Britain want to go over there.”
And he mocked British traditions to rationalise how he does not belong here.
“What is Britishness? Eating fish and chips? Standing in a queue? Singing God save the Queen?
“If that is Britishness then no, I’m not British. I have no affiliation to the ­monarchy or the laws of this land.
“If you’re born in a barn it doesn’t make you a horse. A British passport is just a common document. It’s like a bus ticket to me.
“I don’t affiliate with things like ­democracy and freedom. My set of values and principles arise from Islam.”
But the married preacher said he was unsure if he would be allowed to leave even if his passport is returned.
Choudary say's he would leave tomorrow to live in Syria, why not go today instead and take all the the Muslims in the UK with you. Piss off Choudary, the sooner your gone the better.

EXCLUSIVE: Ebola infection may have entered into Tesco foods in UK.

As a nation that has become reliant on importing goods from abroad, it’s not too far fetched to assume that foods imported from Africa may now indeed be contaminated with the Ebola virus which medical professionals have determined is spread through bodily fluid.
Tesco is Britain’s biggest supermarket with an estimated 25-34% of food products being imported from Africa and Ebola ridden African states such as Kenya and Sierra Leone. Unfortunately human fluid contamination to most of these products is unavoidable, indeed products have been tested and traces of saliva, blood and semen have often been found on them.
It’s entirely possible that workers at Tesco’s Sierra Leone food depository have become infected with the Ebola of whom have had direct contact with food being imported to the UK. The most immediate food products that are at risk of infection will be fresh fruit and vegetables imported from Africa which can be shipped here in a matter of weeks. Tinned foods from Africa will be ok given the long sell by date.
An infected Ebola riddled hand, could this be the hand that picked your fresh fruit and veg in africa?
An infected Ebola riddled hand, could this be the hand that picked your fresh fruit and veg in africa?
It’s too early to speculate on the possible estimate and degree of the infection but again recognizing that we as a nation import a lot of food products from africa and being that Tesco is our biggest food outlet it’s not unrealistic at all to assume that indeed Ebola is already in the UK, sitting and waiting to creep up on our people like a knife in the dark.
As a nation we import nearly 60% of all fresh fruit and vegetables from Africa – if you are a parent and care about the safety of your children and your immediate family then you will do the morally right thing and stop buying fresh fruit and vegetables from any supermarket but especially Tesco.
Instead, let us buy fresh and locally from the markets, let us grow our own produce in allotments and let us put the safety of our children first against the cruel, capitalistic greedy virtue of the judeo-owned supermarkets of today.
Not only is fruit and vegetables at risk from infection but so is meat imported from North Africa, again the finger can be pointed at Tesco as the biggest importer of these foods but meat will be the most easily infected product on offer at the supermarket.
This includes frozen foods which may now store and contain the Ebola virus in a frozen environment for weeks and months before exposure to British people.
You can find fresh meat, fresh vegetables and groceries at your local butchers, green grocers or indeed the marketplace where your safety and children’s safety will be sure to be put first.
Think logically with your head and protect your family from the Ebola virus before it’s too late!

Woman is thrown out of Paris opera after cast refused to perform unless she removed Muslim veil.

A woman was thrown out of a French opera house after cast members objected to her wearing a Niqab  (file picture is not of the woman involved)
A woman was thrown out of a French opera house after cast members objected to her wearing a Niqab (file picture is not of the woman involved)
France's Socialist government today pledged to toughen up its anti face-covering law after a veiled Muslim woman was ejected from a major Paris opera house.

In an incident which has divided opinion in the city's liberal arts community, cast members performing La Traviate 'objected strongly' to the presence of a woman in the audience wearing a niqab-type veil.

'A singer spotted her in the front row during the second act,' said Jean-Philippe Thiellay, director of the Bastille Opera, which was opened by Socialist president Francois Mitterand in 1989.

'Some performers said they didn't want to sing,' said Mr Thiellay, who confirmed that she was kicked out.
There has been a ban on Muslims covering their face in public in France since the introduction of a law in 2011.

Women living on housing estates on the outskirts of major cities like Paris are regularly criminalised with a fine, but this is the first incident of someone being ejected from an artistic venue. 

So far unnamed, she is believed to be a well-off woman from a Gulf State, and was attending the performance with a friend. 

Referring to a security guard, Mr Thiellay said: 'He told her that in France there is a ban of this nature, asked her to either uncover her face or leave the auditorium. 

'The man asked the woman to get up, they left. It was unpleasant getting her to leave.
'But there was a misunderstanding of the law and the lady either had to respect it or leave,

But other opera lovers in a city historically renowned for its tolerance were less impressed.
'What possible harm could a woman sitting quietly in the audience with face covered do to anyone?' said Guy Laurent, a regular at the Bastille Opera.

'The woman would clearly have felt utterly humiliated by what happened – French culture should be more tolerant.
'It is not the job of theatres to enforce petty laws.'
Security at the Bastille Opera opera house in Paris asked the woman to either uncover her face or leave
Choice: Security at the Bastille Opera opera house in Paris asked the woman to uncover her face or leave.

The incident happened on October 3, but it is only now that it is becoming a national polemic.
Technically the woman now faces a fine of just over £180, although there is not thought to have been any police involvement.

The woman and her friend were not refunded any of their ticket price.
A spokesman for France's Ministry of Culture today said it was 'producing a new set of rules' to make sure the so-called 'burka ban' was better enforced in theatres, museums and other public institutions.

France,which is home to some five million Muslims, was the first European country to ban the full-face Islamic veil in public places.
Belgium followed suit soon afterwards, but there is no veil ban at all in Britain, despite calls by a minority of right wing MPs for one.

 Well done to the people performing the Opera for refusing to sing with a Muslim covered in a head bag in the front row. To the people moaning about the Muslim having to leave, how stupid are these people, this Muslim could have a suicide bomber for all they know. If she had been a suicide bomber, she would have taken half the people in the Opera house with her, not to mention the untold damage she would have caused to the Opera house it's self.

They did the right thing to make her leave, it's better to be safe than sorry, no Muslim can be trusted at all. The terrorists have been asking all Muslims to start killing the none Muslims all over Europe, and this female Muslim could have been in the Opera house to kill as many people as possible.

BY the way, Muslims are not allowed to listen to music, a sixteen year old girl was hung in Iraq for listening to music because the Koran forbids it, so what was this Muslim woman doing covered from head to toe listening to Opera in the Opera house !!!


Obama, Clinton Charged in Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy By Egyptian Lawmakers

Obama “cooperated, incited and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes”, like murder, rape and ethnic cleansing, according to lawmakers in Egypt, who’s filed criminal complaintsagainst Obama.
Obama also funneled cash to high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood officials, who mass murdered police and Christians.
Hilary aided Obama in a secret $8 billion bribe to the Muslim Brotherhood to turn over the Sinai Peninsula over to Hamas.
When will these criminals be brought to justice?
In two separate criminal complaints, Egyptian lawmakers have charged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton with conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood.
According to one of the criminal charges,  Hillary Clinton was found to be working with ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi’s wife, Next Page: »

, in attempting to overthrow the current leader of Egypt, General Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi.
But this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out all the details about the traitor in the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, and his Muslim Brotherhood collaborator, Hillary Rodham Clinton.