Friday, 27 November 2015

EU and Labour MEP's say we MUST welcome back jihadis because it would be RACIST not to.

ISLAMIC State (ISIS) jihadis have been given carte blanche to reach the gates of Britain and potentially carry out atrocities against innocent civilians after an EU motion backed by Labour BANNED using border controls to stop terrorism.

Labour MEPs voted en masse for a raft of Brussels resolutions which will prevent European security services in Schengen agreement countries from implementing “any border control measures aimed at fighting terrorism”. 
The barmy edicts claim that trying to stop terrorists from returning home is racist and set out a series of stringent criteria dictating how extremists’ “human rights” must be pandered to
They mean that ISIS jihadis will be able to stream into Europe and cross the continent unchallenged all the way to Calais, where they can launch attempts to smuggle themselves past Britain's overwhelmed border guards. 
Critics said the actions of Labour’s representatives in Brussels were “shameful” and will put British lives at risk by “opening the door” for ISIS fighters to return from Syria and carry out atrocities on our streets.
In three resolutions put before the European parliament MEPs also whined it is unfair to separate radicalised terrorists from other inmates in prisons and farcically suggest that European leaders should negotiate with ISIS to build evidence against those who may be returning from fighting for the feared terror group. 
ISIS jihadisIG
Critics said the amendments will leave an 'open door' for ISIS jihadis
Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who masterminded the Paris attacks, slipped into Europe posing as a refugeeIG
Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who masterminded the Paris attacks, slipped into Europe posing as a refugee
They were all passed with Labour’s support just six days after the Paris attacks, which were carried out by ISIS jihadis who strolled into Europe posing as refugees in Greece before moving across the continent unchallenged because of its free movement laws. 
European MPs met last week to discuss the best ways to prevent the EU citizens from leaving the continent to join ISIS.
But in a raft of controversial amendments to current EU resolutions all they appeared to achieve was to further degrade Europe’s already leaky border controls. 
Astonishingly one new amendment put forward by the Social and Democrats grouping, of which Labour is a leading member, and passed by the parliament said that member states must not use any border controls which “stop the travel of suspected terrorists”. 
Flowers are laid in Paris for the victims of the terror attacksGETTY
The vote took place just days after the Paris atrocity
Migrants at CalaisGETTY
ISIS jihadis could have free reign to reach Calais and try to enter the UK
The jaw-dropping document states that the EU parliament “vehemently believes, in light of the current refugee and migrant crisis in Europe, that member states must refrain from using any border control measures aimed at fighting terrorism and stopping the travel of suspected terrorists, for immigration control purposes”. 
It adds that MEPs are “extremely worried by the measures taken by some governments in the EU to introduce additional border controls in order to prevent the entry into the EU of refugees and migrants”. 
Labour MEPs stated that rigorous border controls “risk being based on arbitrariness and racial or ethnic profiling, which is totally contrary to EU principles and values, in addition to contravening Member States’ international human rights obligations.” 
In another resolution the party’s politicians voted to water down the wording on segregating radicalised prisoners from other inmates in European prisons, meaning more terrorists could be left free to impose their extremist views on others. 
Anyone who has supported these terrorist groups should be appropriately prosecuted or not allowed back in
UKIP MEP Gerard Batten
They downgraded the description of segregation from an “effective means of preventing terrorist radicalisation” to a “possible measure” and said it should only be done if it is “proportionate and in full compliance with the fundamental rights of the inmate”. 
The final document supported by Labour looks set to hamper the possible prosecution of terrorists who do return home to the UK by setting out unrealistic standards over the collection of evidence. 
Bizarrely MEPs state that “prosecuting terrorist acts carried out in third countries by European citizens or by non-EU nationals residing in the EU requires the collection of evidence in third countries should be possible”. 
The decree raises the farcical possibility that British prosecutors would be expected to contact ISIS and ask for their cooperation over terrorist atrocities which have been committed in their lands. 
All three amendments were backed by 19 out of 20 Labour MEPs. A handful of Tory MEPs voted in favour of two of the motions, but the majority rejected all three, which were also opposed by UKIP. 
UKIP’s Home Affairs spokeswoman Diane James said she was “astounded” that Labour had backed the proposals just days after the horrific Paris massacre, in which 130 people lost their lives. 
She raged: "After the events of Paris I am astounded that Labour MEPs have voted for these amendments. The free movement of people has led to the free movement of jihad and the only way to combat this is for Member States to regain control of their borders immediately.
"Labour opened our borders and have attempted to keep them open even in the face of these barbaric forces. UK citizen's security should be paramount. Apparently Labour does not agree."
Gerard BattenGETTY
Ukip MEP Gerard Batten blasted Labour for the idea
diane jamesGETTY
UKIP’s Diane James was critical of Labour, and admitted she was shocked
Fellow UKIP MEP Gerard Batten added: “This is shameful behaviour from Labour. In an increasingly unsafe world the British public will be shocked to hear that their elected Labour and Tory MEPs have voted to allow returning ISIS fighters back into British society. 
“Anyone who has supported these terrorist groups should be appropriately prosecuted or not allowed back in."
Britain looks set to increase its role in the global fight against ISIS with David Cameron urging MPs to vote in favour of extending RAF airstrikes to Syria. 
Speaking to Parliament today the Prime Minister said Britain’s participation in the US-led coalition’s bombing campaign would help make the country safer by degrading the capabilities of the terrorist hate group. contacted the European Parliamentary Labour Party for comment, but had received no response at the time of publication. 
All those people who vote for the Labour party, have helped to give them the power to destroy Great Britain and some of the Labour voters are to stupid to realize it The Muslim loving Labour party leader is an absolute arse hole. Jeremy Corbyn is taking over from where Tony Blair and Gordon left off, it was Blair and Brown that went out of their way to make sure Great Britain would be destroyed by Muslim immigration and now that traitor Crobyn want's to make sure there are enough Muslim terrorists in Great Britain to go to war on the indigenous British people.
Notice how it is worded. Labour MEP's say WE Must Welcome Back Jihadis, It Would Be Racist Not To, what a bunch of Muslim loving BASTARDS they are, they want Muslim terrorists to be let back in to the UK.
Does the Labour party know that Muslims are training children in the Mosques all over Great Britain how to behead dolls getting ready for the real thing. OF COURSE THEY DO. Does the Labour party know children from the age of 5 years old are learning how to hold and fire guns in the Mosques all over Great Britain. YES THEY DO KNOW, and so do the Police and so does David Cameron and his sidekicks and not one of them is stopping them, just like when the Labour party were first told of Muslim child grooming, they did nothing and they are still doing nothing, because the Labour party did not want to upset the Muslims, because they wanted their votes.
Make no mistake about this, when the war kicks off in Great Britain in fact in all of Europe, the leaders know just were to go to be safe. Cameron's child will come to no harm and neither will any other children who's parents are high up. Underground there are tunnels that stretch for miles, with enough food to last for well over ten years. rooms are kitted out with everything everyone needs, there are games rooms are play areas for the children.
Places are reserved for government, the armed forces officials and there will also be Muslim leaders underground with them, the nation must realize that the Conservative party, the Lib/Dems, the Labour party and even Ukip all in this together, they go on TV making the public think they are all against each other, but they are not, they are all one in this, along with the police, the judges the lawyers  and so on.
In ten to fifteen years from now, the Muslims will have taken over Great Britain anyway and put the country under Sharia law, all the governments know this. In England, the English people are already the minority in their own country and sill they are letting in thousands upon thousands of Muslims, they know just what they are doing and there is no one to stop them. They do not care less about the young children growing up today, all they care about are Muslims and that is a fact.

ATTENTION! Whistleblower said Turkish president Erdogan would take Turkey to war by downing a Russian military jet back on Oct. 12, 2015.

Government deep throat Fuat Avni claimed that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was planning to take Turkey to war in order to gain complete control of the country.

 ISTANBUL – Oct 12,

fuatavnibilaleEn.Cihan  (h/t Nick VR) Posting on his Twitter account on Sunday evening, Avni claimed that Erdoğan is even contemplating downing a Russian jet to ensure that Turkey is embroiled in a war with Russia in Syria. 

Avni, who claims to be among Erdoğan’s inner circle, says the president of Turkey has seen the latest polls in the run-up to the snap election in November, and is convinced that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) cannot regain a single-party majority. 

erdogan_youtube_turkey_false_fAvni purports that Erdoğan is even thinking of declaring war on Russia and taking advantage of the de facto situation, consolidating his grip on power. 

Russia’s recent military build-up at Syria’s Latakia airport and fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces against Syrian opposition forces, backed mainly by the US and Turkey, has pushed Turkey to align more closely with the US and NATO than it has in a long time.

After several Russian violations of Turkish airspace in early October, Erdoğan’s views appear to have changed regarding Turkey’s relations with the West.

Barack Hussein Obama considers Erdogan his best friend among international leaders.


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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Hey, Obama, no 3-year-old Syrian Muslim orphans here, either.

Muslim invaders from the camp in Calais, France, appropriately called ‘The Jungle,’ assault police with rocks and try to hijack trucks to take them to Britain, land of the best welfare benefits.

In what has become a daily routine in Calais, police clashed with strong, young Muslim infiltrators trying to block a road and sneak aboard trucks heading for the Channel port to Britain. Rocks were thrown at officers as they fired tear gas in an attempt to clear the garbage off motorway.

PATHETIC! Left wing MP bursts into tears over new restrictions Sweden must impose on Muslim invaders.

The whole scenario is absurd: Sweden is already way past its capacity to house Muslim freeloaders but a member of the parliament cries over not being able to take in more. And people wonder why Sweden is predicted to become a third world country in ten years.