Wednesday, 29 June 2016

UNBELIEVABLE! German liberals are as ignorant as American liberals when it comes to Muslim hatred for homosexuals.

Michael Stuerzenberger, is an anti-Islam activist in Germany known for his frequent public speeches on the growing danger of Islam to Europe, but he can’t seem to convince the disbelieving crowd that the massacre in Orlando at the Gay nightclub is what happens to gays in many Muslim countries.

Watch the young man pictured in the video throw an absolute tantrum when faced  with the truth about Muslims.
Just look at how brainwashed these people are they won't listen to the truth being told about Islam. When asked from a woman in the crowd, if the speaker had any proof of Muslims murdering Gays, he said yes lots of proof, well he should have brought the proof with. He should have put up a board with pictures on it and he should had videos playing too, that would have shut the crowed up.

UNCENSORED! Graphic ISIS video showing 5 journalists slaughtered in different ways

how-islam-is-peacefulThis Hollywood production-quality 9-minute video titled “Inspirations of Satan” shows the gruesome murders of five journalists who are considered traitors for their reporting on the ISIS reign of terror. (One might wonder if Hollywood leftist and Muslim sympathizer Michael Moore had anything to do with the making of this film?)


UK Daily Mail  Footage shows one of the journalists handcuffed to metal railings, in Deir Ezzor, Syria, with a camera hanging around his neck before the device is apparently detonated.

Another media activist was executed in the same way but with a laptop while a third was tied to a metal door before being choked with an iron chain.


A fourth journalist has his throat cut by a knife-wielding executioner while a fifth is slaughtered with a ‘sharp object’ according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

They had reportedly been accused of ‘acting against the Islamic state, communicating with outside parties and receiving funds, and other charges’.


The Britain-based Observatory said the five were abducted in October and are believed to have been killed in December over their coverage of events in the eastern Syrian city of Deir el-Zour, half of which is held by ISIS.

The head of the Observatory, Rami Abdurrahman, said news of the detention and killing of the activists was withheld because no bodies had surfaced and the families feared retribution for reporting the deaths.


In the video, an ISIS narrator says the group is facing a media war and warns against reporting to the ‘crusaders’ and ‘enemies of God.’ The narrator says journalists who report on ISIS may be targeted, even if they reside in Europe.

Abdurrahman said one of the activists, 28-year-old Sami Jawdat, has been feeding information to the Observatory since the outbreak of the civil war in 2011 and continued to do so after ISIS seized half of Deir el-Zour in 2014. He said Jawdat had been detained by ISIS on a number of previous occasions. He said that since learning of the abduction and killing of the activists, his group has told other activists to refrain from taking photos or shooting video in ISIS-held areas.

In the video, each activist explains what he did to report from the area, at times acting it out by shooting pictures or interviewing people in the city’s market. 

ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK in Islamic Turkey, as many as 50 dead, 140 wounded.

Three Muslim suicide bombers have launched a ‘major, co-ordinated’ attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, spraying bullets into crowds of terrified passengers and security personnel before blowing themselves up, injuring more than 140 people and leaving a death toll expected to rise to 50. 


UK Daily Mail  Eyewitnesses described the moment a hero policeman shot down one of the suicide bombers before he was able to detonate his explosives, giving holidaymakers a chance to escape and saving countless lives.

In shocking footage that captured the moment, the gunman can be seen running through the international arrivals terminal before falling to the ground – apparently felled by a police bullet – and sending his AK-47 skidding across the floor.


The police officer then approaches the gunman before realising he is about to detonate his suicide vest and running for his life. Moments later, as the gunman writhes in pain on the floor, he detonates his bomb and the screen goes blank.

It is believed the gunmen arrived at the airport in a taxi and were trying to pass through the security x-ray machines at the entrance when they were stopped by security officers and carried out their lethal attack – unleashing a spray of bullets against officers.

A second video clip, widely circulated on social media, appears to capture the moment a second blast erupted at the entrance of the terminal sending out a huge ball of flame. 


Two of the attackers detonated their explosives at the terminal entrance after being fired upon by police, while the third blew himself up in the car park, according to a Turkish official.

The ‘vast majority’ of victims in the attack were Turkish nationals but foreigners were also among the casualties, an official has said. 

A total of 36 people have already been confirmed dead, but Turkish officials said that number is expected to rise to 50. 


Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said all initial indications point to ISIS as having carried out the attack, however there has yet been no official claim of responsibility. At least one of the attackers is reported to have been a foreign national.   

When asked whether a fourth attacker might have escaped, Mr Yildirim said authorities have no such assessment but are considering every possibility.


The victims included some foreigners, he said, adding that many of the wounded have minor injuries but others are more badly hurt. 

Earlier, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag confirmed that the airport had been attacked at 7.50pm GMT – 9.50pm local time. Following his comments the number of terrorists believed to have been involved in the attack rose to three.


‘A terrorist at the international terminal entrance first opened fire with a Kalashnikov and then blew himself up,’ he said, speaking to parliament in the country’s capital of Ankara. 

Turkish airports have security checks at both at the entrance of terminal buildings and then later before entry to departure gates. 


Nevertheless the airport – the third busiest in Europe – has long been seen as a vulnerable target, according to the BBC.

While there are x-ray scanners at the entrance, security checks for cars are limited which left the airport exposed to what is being called a ‘major, co-ordinated attack’.   

Monday, 27 June 2016

Dyson Says Trump People are WHITE Supremacists.

By Phillip Marlowe
You can now watch how the liberal, globalist media has gotten a bit worried since the Brits voted for BREXIT. They have been doing reports left and right on how bad a decision it was by evil White Brits to leave the EU. They act like it’s the doings of White racism — anything against immigration and globalism MUST be bad.
I should hope you recognize exactly where the media stands in all this. It really is a “MEDIA/GLOBALIST BANKING complex,” versus what Eisenhower once said — right when he was getting out for good — warning us about a “military/industrial complex.”
Michael Eric Dyson, the big blowhard black who memorized every big word he could to advance himself in a brainwashed White PC world, said today on ABC’s “This Week” that Trump’s success is only due to WHITE RACIST SUPREMACIST NATIONALISM. But the lousy creep is only voicing what the dirty rat Marxist Hillary people want to get out there.
This Dyson guy is such a buffoon it used to be hilarious to watch him using ridiculously big words left and right like he was so intelligent. I believe someone has since alerted him to how he was being laughed at and he is now working hard to dial his wordy black BS back a bit. He’s still a big fat horse’s ass, as you can tell. But he’s not the only horse’s ass out there these days — read on.


Yep, lots of lefty White-haters say the same BS every day. You can actually see the TV people carefully tip-toeing around the issue — it’s like they want to say it, but are working hard not to because they fear more of us will soon get their lying BS. Which we already have, as you can see.
The leftist media has been putting this over-paid sometime college professor and now radio host on TV news shows for years trying to showcase black intelligence, but you could easily tell from the start the guy was really nothing more than a White-hating black panther militant, who memorized a few big words in the dictionary while a teen jerk off so he could sound all intellectual.
If you wanted, you could easily memorize the Swahili dictionary since it’s only about 125 pages, minus White words jury-rigged to sound Swahili. Whatever words created by these two-legged jungle primates until civilized White man showed up, is a mere pittance.
Gloria Borger, CNN "chief political strategist." Just try to tell me this lefty bitch is not Jewish.
Gloria Borger, CNN “chief political strategist.” Just try to tell me this lefty bitch is not Jewish. It’s total creeps like her who the Jew media puts on to brainwash Whites to commit race suicide.
CNN’s Gloria Borger, whom I’m pretty certain is a Jewess, said the BREXIT vote was due to “older,uneducated Whites” (I watched her actually say that in real time). She pointed out London voted to stay in the EU like they were more urbane and intelligent enough to appreciate globalism.
Uh, lefty Jew bitch, London is stuffed to the gills with non-White immigrants and traitor media leftys. Of course, they are all for globalism and Whites not coming to their senses when it comes to their lands being flooded with non-Whites.
I once saw Gloria Borger and Obama lover, Michael Smerconish, have a huge fit over something minor a TV sacrificial lamb Trump supporter said in the studio. It looked like the two were going to have a heart attack right then and there. NY urban homo Anderson Pooper had to step in to calm down his lefty brethren.
This business with “older, uneducated Whites” is actually a carefully maintained MEME emplaced in our population for us to look down on anyone who doesn’t go along with the lefty BS they have been pushing down our throats.
It’s kind of like when you say anything bad about homos, they’ve been trained to accuse you of being a latent homo, meaning you secretly want to engage in anal sex with other men. It’s an intimidation tactic MEME emplaced into our population by Jewish interests.
Plus, they freely say they can’t wait for all us supposedly old White racists to die off. It’s like the baby boomers are all klansman. Once that happens, they can finally have their multicult Nirvana where everything is sweetness and rainbows, no matter how criminal blacks truly are, how Third World America looks, or how perverted the GD Jews get.
What it actually will be is us Whites being openly discriminated against everywhere. Hell, it’s getting that way pretty much already. Blacks say all sorts of racist, anti-White crap and it never gets reported.
Then there’s this “UNEDUCATED” BS. That’s code for Whites who haven’t succumbed to Marxist indoctrination on college campuses. Everybody knows how GD ridiculous colleges are with PC enforcement. It’s so bad that every special group can have their own organizations except for White people of European, non-Jewish heritage. Should any White have the temerity to do so, results in howls of indignation.
You know, it’s actually pretty funny: This guy on Bill O’Reilly’s show, has a segment called “WATERS WORLD,” where some Jewy-looking guy goes around asking “regular” people on the street questions of the day so we can get a hearty chuckle over their stupid responses. It’s amazing how retarded some of the young leftys really are around college campuses. Hell, skinheads are way more intelligent than leftwingers.
You better believe our Jew BS, Whitey!
Rhonda Fink-Whitman: You better believe our Jew BS, Whitey, or else we’ll stuff it into your kid’s heads so they think you’re a Nazi hater!
This Zionist, Israeli-Firster Jew women named, Rhonda Fink-Whitman (left), has been going around pushing for mandatory Holocaust/PC brainwashing programs in colleges and schools. She recently complained the young doesn’t even know who Winston Churchill was, so that’s why we need to classes everywhere so Whitey can feel guilty over every GD thing that’s ever happened on the GD planet.
Winston Churchill? If that’s how stupid the “ed-JEW-cated” young can be, then what’s that say about us older “uneducated?”
This arrogant Jew bitch actually wears a bracelet that says: “history will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Man, talk about the lying Jew’s favorite motto!
Then there’s the operative word Michael Eric Dyson felt so free to us on the ABC’s Sunday political TV show, “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” He said “WHITE racist supremacy.” Make clear note how he got away with saying “WHITE.” If you stop and think things out, this is really racism.
You could tell the other members of the “round table” were a bit taken aback by Dyson blurting out his anti-White racism so openly, but didn’t have the guts to call him on it, or risk being called a “Nazi” themselves.
GEORGE WILL INSETOh, yes indeed, there are idiot Whites. Like George Will (right), who just made a big stink about Donald Trump and even quit the Republican party over Trump being the presumptive nominee. Sayanora, traitor!
This phony conservative punk has undoubtedly made himself a great living over the years stabbing the White race in the back by pushing the Israel-Firster, Zionist Jew brainwashing on TV.
This is the rat they have on Brett Baer’s FOX news show at 6PM, along with Charles Krauthammer, a turtle-faced Jew boy whom we need to think is all-so-wise because he’s confined to a wheelchair after jumping drunk into a shallow pool when he was a college punk. You sometimes also see George Will on other Jew channels when they need a designated phony conservative, or what we now call a “cuck” for cuckold to the White race.
When the time comes, we’re going to have to remember to find Mr. George Will and drag him kicking and screaming out of his nice rich fancy home (since you know he won’t show up to the TV studios that day). He’s probably got himself a really nice Georgetown digs. Traitor punks like him need to spend some quality time in a hard labor camp making up for more than a few things. While there, we’ll insist he wears a bow tie with his bright orange prison duds.
Yep, it’s a total Jew BS head job being done to the White race, alright. Black worship, Israel-loving, globalism, faggotry and immorality of all sorts — subversive Jew brainwashing crap all designed to destroy the White race.

By executive order, Barack Hussein Obama has made it possible for Muslims to become U.S. citizens without taking an oath of allegiance or a pledge to defend America.

Time-Obama-Muslim-225x300Understanding that Muslims are forbidden from pledging allegiance to any nation state except the nation of Islam, the Obama regime will allow legal immigrants seeking citizenship through the nation’s Naturalization process to be  exempt from a key part of the Oath of Allegiance.

Breitbart  Immigrants seeking to become citizens no longer have to pledge to “bear arms on behalf of the United States.” They can opt out of that part of the Oath. Nor do they have to cite any specific religious belief that forbids them to perform military service.  


The pledge to help defend America was good enough for the 6.6 million immigrants naturalized since 2005 and good enough for the over 15 million naturalized since 1980, but Obama’s appointees at the USCIS think that is too much to ask of the 18.7 million estimated legal immigrants eligible today for eventual naturalization or the 750,000 who will be naturalized in the coming year.

This radical change was announced a year ago, in July of 2015. Congress did not enact the change in new legislation. There was no congressional debate, no filibuster in the US Senate, and no sit-in in the House to demand that a bill to repeal the USCIS action be brought to a vote.

Muslims desecrating the flag is OK
Muslims desecrating the flag is OK

No, this radical change was implemented while Congress slept. Like other Obama actions to undermine our immigration laws, the Republican-controlled Congress has not used its constitutional powers to reverse the administrative action. Thank God many states are stepping up to fill that void.

In fact, most Americans will think it extremely odd that the USCIS action with regard to the Oath of Allegiance is not illegal. But the fact is, unelected bureaucrats at the USCIS can change the wording of the Oath without approval of the people’s representatives in Congress. Strange as it sounds, the law as it stands today allows USCIS bureaucrats great leeway in managing the Naturalization process, so Obama’s actions will not be challenged in federal court.


Yet, in view of Obama’s actions, why doesn’t Congress change the law and take control of the Oath of Allegiance? So far, there is no indication that the Republican leadership will do so. If they won’t even bar Islamic terrorists from the refugee program, why should we expect them to protect the Oath of Allegiance? Some members of Congress will grumble, make speeches and issue press releases, but the Republican leadership will do nothing.

Such is the state of the nation as we approach this 240th anniversary of the  Declaration of Independence. Some Americans see great irony in the British declaring their independence from the tyranny of Brussels while Americans quietly accept the new tyranny of Washington, DC.

Obama's disdain for America was obvious before he became president
Obama’s disdain for America was obvious long before he became president
Obama the Muslim. is doing all he can to make America a Muslim country before he leaves office. Hillary Clinton thinks she will carry that on if she was to become President, she thinks Muslims are hard done by and need to be understood and they are not all terrorists, she will be in for a shock, because the Muslims will kill her and Obama knows this.
Donald Trump is the man that needs to become President, he will undo everything Obama has done and he will have Hillary Clinton arrested and thrown in jail. Trump will make America Great Again.
Donald Trump will take all the Muslims out of the Army, Air Force and the Navy. We have all seen photos in the papers where soldiers are made to bow down in prayer to Allah, this is shameful and disgusting, soldiers being made to pray to the enemy, these are orders from Obama the Muslim, all this will stop as soon as Donald Trump because president.
Trump will have thousands of Muslims kicked out of America who have no right to be there, and that is 99.9% of them. Trump will also bring back prayer back in to the schools. America will return to how it used to be, before Obama came to destroy it.
                             GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP.