Much thanks to American Jihad Watcher who alerted me to this male ISIS supporter who posted a call for ‘killing Ms.Geller’ on his timeline on twitter about 8 hrs ago. The twitter account is @AmrArRumi – this threat has been shared on other accounts in Turkish language.
The jihadists are on the march.
Well, so are we, Amr.
Screenshot:Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.27.28 PM
Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.39.55 PM
His avatar is the one finger Islamic State salute. In the age of Obama, murderous Muslims are brazen and embolden.
What is the Obama administration doing to keep us safe from these savages?
He is running cover for Islam. The Islamic State is “not Islamic”.
And under Mayor de Blasio, the NYPD – when they are not dodging jihadists with axes — are busypursuing fictitious “islamophobia” crimes at the command of haters and liars like Linda Sarsour.

When Muslims call for the death of a person or if they call for the Murder of none Muslims on the streets ( which they have done) no arrests are ever made and the police or government carry on as though it was never said. But if a White person was to call for the death of a Muslim or for the death of Muslims on the streets, the police wouldn't stop until they found the man. Funny how it's one rule for the Muslims and another for the White man/woman.

Muslims have called for all Muslims to kill people on the streets of England, they have been to to pick anyone and kill them, but nothing has been done about it. In America a Muslim has called for the death Of Pamela Geller, i think Obama would welcome the news that she was dead if it was to ever happen. Obama is Muslim, he has the Muslim Brotherhood working in the White House, he is friends with Isis, this is why Obama says they are not of Islam, but he knows full well they are, he also know that all Muslims will be just like Isis when they try to take over the states.

I will never understand why the people of America voted for Obama, or did they!!! was he going to be president weather the people voted for him or not?and who will be the next president, will he also be a supporter of Muslims. We are now living in a world were the governments all over the world only care for Muslims, if your White. Sikh.Hindu or  a black none Muslim, then you don't matter, they are all trying to turn ALL countries in to Muslim states, and if we sit back and do nothing then it will happen.No one will give a hoot if Pamela Geller is killed, and this is how it will all begin, with Muslims killing anyone who is against them.

Civil war is coming to all nations, learn what the Sikhs and Hindus look like, because we will all be standing together against the Muslims. Sikhs and Hindus are good people, they hate Muslims and they look nothing like them, but for those who don't know the difference you could mistake them for Muslim, so learn about them and know the difference.