Tuesday, 31 March 2015

UK Muslim hate preacher, Abu Izzadeen, released from jail early on terrorism charges, says “If you’re not a Muslim, you’re just like apes and monkeys.

stream_imgIzzadeen, who advocates sharia law for Britain, once said: “He who joins the British Army is a mortal kafir (unbeliever) who deserves to have his head removed.” He also believes the 7/7 bombers who killed and injured many people in London were “completely praiseworthy.”

Trevor Brookes, better known as Abu Izzadeen, 39, has been quietly released from jail after the Appeal Court cut his 4½-year sentence for inciting hatred and raising funds for terrorism.

Man charged over Burnley child abduction.

Breaking news
Khan is due to appear at Burnley Magistrates later this morning. Credit: ITV News.
A man has been charged with the abduction of a six-year-old girl in Burnley.
Imran Khan, 33 of Pendle Street, Accrington has been charged with taking a child under the Child Abduction Act, breach of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and inciting a girl under 13 to engage in sexual activity.
Lancashire Police launched a manhunt after the girl was taken in a car on Thursday afternoon.
She was then dropped off 30 minutes later, three miles away and police were alerted.
Khan is due to appear at Burnley Magistrates later this morning.
This bastard should be hung for what he has done, the piece of low life Muslim scum.
What angers me is that Muslims are allowed to marry a girl of 6 years old and have intercourse with them when the girl turns 9 years old, but it gets worse, because Muslim Men are allowed to molest and Thigh children from 1 year old. That is what he has probably done to the child he abducted.
Muslims are rapists and child molesters, it is what they do, because their prophet Mohammed said it is alright to do so. No child is safe around Muslims, keep your children away from them.
Muslims are dirty perverted bastards and the best thing for them, is to be wiped off the face of the earth.

This women explains what thighing is.

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Muslim ma

Ignore rules on promoting British values, teachers urged

Boys arriving
The plans to promote "British values" were introduced in the wake of the Trojan Horse scandals
Teachers should ignore rules on promoting "fundamental British values", a teachers' union conference has heard.
Such values are ill-defined and vulnerable to misinterpretation, argued Southend head teacher, Robin Bevan.
The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) voted to monitor the policing of the requirement, introduced in England by the government last year.
Mr Bevan said he had concerns about how the values "might be interpreted by a future right-wing government".
"When it comes to the new requirement of promoting fundamental British values, including the role of law, here is one law that I would actively encourage you to disengage from", Mr Bevan, head of Southend High School for Boys, urged the union's annual conference in Liverpool.

'Unintended consequences'

The government brought in the requirement in the wake of the Trojan Horse allegations, which suggested there had been attempts by groups of hardline Muslims to take over schools in Birmingham.
Earlier this month a committee of MPs said that apart from one incident in one school "no evidence of extremism or radicalisation was found by any of the inquiries in any of the schools involved".
Requiring schools to promote "fundamental British values" could have "unintended consequences", according to the text of the motion debated by the conference in Liverpool.
"There is no one in this hall who would argue against the important role that schools and colleges play in promoting personal morality, in developing a sense of civic duty, in fostering engagement with our democratic structures or in embracing a wider global understanding," said Mr Bevan.
He said schools and colleges had, for a long time, been required to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum addressing issues of behaviour and conduct and placing this within a developmental framework of spiritual, moral and cultural understanding.
"These provisions have existed without controversy for many years and are ample and effective."
He accused the rules on British values as "deeply ill-considered" and "political posturing".
"In what way do fundamental British values differ, for example, from French or Swedish ones?"
They change over time, with women now "allowed" the vote, said Mr Bevan.
"If these fundamental British values change over time, we can hardly describe them as fundamental."
But, he argued, the problem was not just one of definition.
"Just take one moment to imagine how fundamental British values might be interpreted by a future right-wing government, or a partner in that government."

'Wholly inappropriate'

He said he was particularly concerned that Ofsted was being asked to gauge the views of students in order to assess how how well schools actively promote these values.
There had already been cases of "less-skilled inspectors" doing this in a "wholly-inappropriate way", he told journalists later.
In particular he was concerned about the difference between "what is taught and what is learned", with a proportion of every class apt to misunderstand or ignore lessons, be they about trigonometry or British values.
"I am not sure the government should ever be in the business of dictating values that should be taught in schools - but students should engage in those debates... plurality, that's the way it should be," said Mr Bevan.
Robin Bevan should be brought before the school board and sacked,it is obvious he is either a Labour supporter or a Liberal and he would rather teach anything but British values.
There are way to many teachers in the schools like Bevan and they would all rather teach Muslim values than British values. These people need to be replaced asap.

Monday, 30 March 2015

UK badass, Katie Hopkins, under fire for calling out dhimmi politician’s pandering to Paki Muslim paedophiles.


Katie Hopkins has been reported to police by Labour MP Simon Danczuk over claims she incited racial (What ‘race’ is Islam?) hatred in tweets linking Pakistani Muslim men to the Rochdale child sex abuse scandal. (So, the fact that all the paedophile gang rapists in Rochdale are Muslims is somehow irrelevant?)

UK Daily Mail  Mr Danczuk, who represents the town, has asked the Police Commissioner of Greater Manchester Police, Tony Lloyd, to investigate whether a crime had been committed after comments made by the outspoken TV star on Twitter.


Hopkins sent the tweets after Mr Danczuk attended the raising of a Pakistani flag over the town hall for half an hour on March 23 to mark Pakistan’s National Day. She wrote: ‘Raising a Pakistani flag in Rochdale is not helping community cohesion. it is inflammatory. @SimonDanczuk you & your party disgust me.’

Outspoken Hopkins posted a series of messages to her account after the MP tweeted a picture of himself at the event. In response the controversial columnist sent a picture of eight men convicted of child exploitation offences, asking Mr Danczuk if they were his friends too.

She wrote: ‘Are these your friends too ‪@SimonDanczuk? Is this why you are raising the Pakistani flag in Rochdale? 77 years inside.’ ‘Your Pakistani friends saw young white girls as fair game when they abused them,’ she wrote in a separate post. ‘Do NOT lecture me on community cohesion fool.’


‘Raising a Pakistani flag in Rochdale is not helping community cohesion,’ she added in another. ‘It is inflammatory. ‪@SimonDanczuk you & your party disgust me.’

Explaining his decision to make the complaint, the MP said it was about the businesswoman ‘inciting racial hatred’. He said: ‘The letter is me asking the Police Commissioner to investigate whether a crime has been committed in relation to Katie Hopkins.’


He continued: ‘It is not right that somebody who has little to do with Rochdale incited hatred of this kind. ‘Rochdale is a very cohesive community – people work well together. (Especially when they are Muslims abductng and gang raping white underage girls)

‘Of course there are tensions, like there are in other communities, but people rub together really well and we don’t need outsiders like Katie Hopkins to come in and cause trouble just for the sake of causing trouble and creating Sun headlines.’


Mr Danczuk said Rochdale has faced up to the ‘heinous crime’ of child grooming ‘in a way that’s managed to keep our communities together’. He said: ‘That’s why Katie Hopkins’ crass comments are not helpful. They are a clear attempt to divide communities, undo three years of hard work and make an unfair and racist generalization that anyone of Pakistani origin is a child abuser. (No, but most child abusers in the UK ARE Paki Muslims)

‘To equate the Pakistan flag with child abuse, as she has done on social media over the last week, is absurd and it creates a dangerous environment where extreme intolerance becomes acceptable.


‘We have already seen taxi drivers stabbed in the face in race hate attacks and I’m not prepared to allow people like Hopkins, who know nothing about our town, to stir up tensions in such a dangerously provocative way that could lead to innocent people being attacked by extremists. (What about Lee Rigby and the grandmother who were beheaded by Muslims in London?)

‘As a result of her comments last week, I have been threatened by extremists and hard right groups have pledged to march on our town. I am a strong supporter of free speech but it has to be responsible – and that’s why we have laws to prevent people deliberately provoking hatred of a racial group.’



CHINA CRACKDOWN ON MUSLIMS: Court jails man for six years for growing ‘illegal’ beard and his wife for two years for wearing Islamic headbag.

China-muslimA court in China’s volatile Uighur Muslim region of Xinjiang has sentenced a man to six years in prison for ‘provoking trouble’ by growing a Muslim-style beard, a practice discouraged by local authorities. The man’s wife was also given a two-year prison sentence for disobeying the ‘NO Headbag’ rule.

A delegate from the Xinjiang provincial delegation is seen before the start of their meeting with representatives from the National People's Congress in Beijing

Tribune The law in the predominantly Muslim region comes as Beijing intensifies a campaign against religious extremism that it blames for the violence by Uighur Muslims that has left hundreds of Chinese dead in the past 20 months. 

In August, the northern Xinjiang city of Karamay announced that young men with beards and women in burqas or hijabs would not be allowed on public buses.


The man “had started growing his beard in 2010″ while his wife “wore a veil hiding her face and a burqa”, the paper said. For more than a year the authorities in Xinjiang have been campaigning against men growing beards – a practice officials associate with extremist ideas.

A campaign dubbed “Project Beauty” also encourages women to leave their heads bare and abandon wearing the veil, a relatively widespread practice among the Uighurs – the main Muslim ethnic group in Xinjiang.


The Kashgar couple had “received several warnings” before being charged, the newspaper reported, citing local officials. “Since the beginning of the year, a certain number of people breaking the regulation on beards, veils and burqas have been prosecuted and sentenced,” officials in Kashgar were quoted as saying by the paper.

Violence increased last year and at least 200 people were killed in a series of bombings and deadly clashes with security forces, blamed by Beijing on “separatists” and “religious extremists”.

In April last year authorities in Xinjiang’s Shaya county offered cash to informants to report on neighbours with excessive facial hair. China has also made it difficult for certain Muslim groups to observe the month of Ramadan fast.