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Former Muslim from Afghanistan now living in Sweden says “all of Sweden’s problems are caused by Islam.

If more Muslims in Sweden were like this courageous man, there would be no problems. Reza asked me (BNI) to post this video even though it could put him in danger.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Muslim Baghead claims she was threatened in the Paris Metro…and nobody cared…Awwwww.

As a Muslim woman wearing a headbag, walking in the streets and taking public transportation in Paris means I often face people’s stares. Sometimes I hear comments and whispers. I am a reporter, just recently assigned to Paris, but I have quickly gotten used to it. Still, I was unprepared for what happened next.


Daily Sabah  I was sitting in the last car of the Paris metro, in one of the folding seats close to the door. A number of other people were in the car, as well, though it wasn’t packed. Two stations before my stop, a large man strode into the car. He was about 6-foot-three (1.90 meters), and he had a big belly and long brown hair. He was unshaven (like filthy Muslim men?).

He stared at me. “P… de musulmane,” the man snarled. Fuck Muslims. Then there was silence. No one spoke a word. (Silently nodding in agreement, no doubt) I was terrified. Without thinking, I took my bags and went to stand in another part of the car. I could hear the beating of my heart. And I was trembling — not just out of fear, but out of anger that I was not able to respond in any way.


I am a small woman. The man was huge. And from the way he approached me, I felt certain that, had I answered back, I would not be writing these lines today. (And that would be  a bad thing, because why?) I took out my mobile phone and called a friend to try to calm down. The man continued to fix me with a threatening stare. (Ewwww…if looks could kill)

The train rattled on. The minutes felt like hours. But finally my stop came. I rushed out, turned, and used my phone to take the man’s picture.  He quickly covered his face, then flashed me the finger and started screaming.  “Fuck you, fuck Muslims….” he shouted. Somehow my courage returned. I found my voice again. “Rot in hell, you racist,” I shouted. (Islam is NOT a race, bitch)


Then he tried to grab me. I jumped back and, thankfully, the doors of the carriage closed, with him inside and me out. I burst into tears. (Oh, boo hoo)

This was no isolated incident. In France, 691 alleged Islamophobic acts were recorded in 2013 by the French MUSLIM human rights watchdog Collective Against Islamophobia. And 640 of those acts targeted individuals rather than institutions. (Good, the French are waking up) The overall increase from the previous year was a startling 47 percent. Things are getting worse, not better.(That depends on your perspective)


The human rights group said 2013 was marked by increase in violent acts, and the assaults became more physical. “During just the last eight months of 2013, 27 physical attacks were recorded,” the group reported. (Time to get out of France, muslims) And women were the primary targets, accounting for fully 78 percent of the victims of discrimination and aggression, the group said. Hijabi women — those who wear the scarf, as I do — are the primary targets for both discrimination and violent aggression. (You advertise your Islamic supremacy, you have to expect to become a target)

Translation: Being against the veil is being against Islam. YES!
Translation: Being against the veil is being against Islam. YES!

When I calmed down and had time to reflect, I realized that the scariest part of what happened to me not the behavior of the man in the metro. It was the silence of the others. They watched wordlessly as he insulted me, harassed me and threatened me. (They agreed with him)

But on this dark day, a ray of light shone through. While I wept and shook as the train pulled away, an elderly French woman approached me. She held my hand. “Don’t cry my dear, don’t cry,” she said. “He is just sick. He is sexist. You are a woman and above all Muslim. He is jealous. Be strong and don’t cry.” (Must be a stupid French leftist)

And that is what I am going to do — be strong. I will hold my head high. For I know that, despite it all, wonderful adventures still await me here in the city of lights. (And a lot more anti-Islam hatred)

French signs say "NO to Islamization
French signs say “NO to Islamization”

Well boy's and girls did you enjoy her story, because that is just what it reads like, a story. Well if your all settled now i will begin my story. Once Upon Time There Were Three Bears.........

SWEDEN: Two car bombs, likely the work of Muslims, shake up the southern city of Malmo, known for its heavy infestation of Muslim immigrants.

Swedish police say two car bombs have shattered dozens of windows in a multiethnic district of Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city. 

Sweden Explosions-1Times of India (h/t Sujith)  Police spokeswoman Linda Pleym says no one was injured by Saturday’s pre-dawn explosions in Rosengaard, a district dominated by Muslim immigrants from Iraq, Kosovo, Bosnia and Lebanon. One car bomb exploded at the foot of a building, the other in a parking lot nearby.  It was unclear who was behind the two explosions and if they were connected. No arrests were immediately made. 

The blasts were the latest in a series that has rocked the southern Sweden city in recent months. Earlier this year, a downtown building that houses a court house, police and prosecution offices and a detention center was twice targeted. No one was injured.

Much more on the Muslim problem in SWEDEN

Isn’t it time for Muslims to stop blaming the media for “distorting the image of Islam?”

Isn’t it time for Muslims to stop blaming the media for “distorting the image of Islam?”

It is Muslims themselves who are showing the world exactly how violent Islam is which is no distortion.


Unfortunately, the author of the whiny drivel below is Huma Munir, a MUSLIM teacher in the San Antonio school distirct.

American Statesman  This past weekend, the world held its breath as a manMUSLIM who took control of a cafe in Sydney held more than a dozen people hostage for 16 hours.

The incident is deeply concerning not only because innocent lives were put at risk but also because the Islamic affirmation of faith was clearly visible from the window of the Lindt cafe in Martin Place. While Muslims around the world spoke against this atrocity and prayed for victims, they also saw their faith being defamed by a lunatic on live television. (But he wasn’t a lunatic, he was a normal Muslim doing what Muslims do around the world on a regular basis)


As the situation unfolded, I felt a familiar feeling of guilt creeping into my heart. (Guilt? HAH! More like “Let me cry that I am the victim of Islamophobia”)

I moved to the United States 13 years ago — three weeks after 9/11 (Timing is everything). Like many Muslims in America and western nations, I have become strangely accustomed to this feeling every time the Islamic State or another terrorist organization rises to power and takes innocent lives in the name of Islam. (Pretty much on a weekly basis)

Islamic State beheading victims
Islamic State beheading victims

But our guilt is not prompted by an offense. Rather, it is a product of bias in the media that puts Islam and extremism side by side in words and images(Islam is a form of extremism, as evidenced by the extremely violent teachings in the quran). During the hostage situation in Australia, several media outlets reported immediately that the flag visible from the cafe’s window with Arabic writing belonged to the Islamic State. This was later refuted by the Australian government. (That’s right, it wasn’t the flag of ISIS, it was the black flag of jihad, used by al-Qaeda linked groups like al-Nusra)

The tendency of media leaning towards sensationalism, when its priority should be to educate people, is appalling. (You call it sensationalism when you should be calling it educating the public about Islamic terrorism, a tenet of Islam) A study published by Christopher Bail, a sociology professor at the University of North Carolina, found that powerful organizations in America have backed anti-Islam agendas in the media since 9/11. “We learned that the American media almost completely ignored public condemnations of terrorist events by prominent Muslim organizations in the United States,” Bail notes.

(Because educated media organizations realized early on that Muslim condemnation of terrorism is a crock of crap, aka taqiyya – deception – as recommended in the quran when dealing with unbelievers)


But the media are not solely responsible for stigmatizing the Muslim population. I do believe that the extremists and incidents of violence across the Islamic world also promote a sinister image of Islam. (Ya think?) And as more incidents of terrorism continue to happen in the name of Islam, Muslims around the world are forced to brace themselves against a possibility of active discrimination. (One can only hope there will be more active discrimination as people realize you are the sworn enemy of the West no matter what you say)


After 9/11, the whole nation came together and grieved the loss of innocent lives. (Palestinians in Paramus, NJ and other parts of America were dancing in the streets and handing out treats) Among these people were also Muslims who faced higher rates of anxiety, depression and stress, according to a study by Mona M. Amer, a professor at the American University of Cairo. (Oh, boo hoo) The study shows that discrimination and racial profiling were mainly responsible for these disorders, especially among the Arab population. (Being an enemy of America is bound to get you profiled)


As a Muslim, I have felt compelled to defend my faith on numerous occasions.(That’s why you are hated) Through the humble art of writing, I have tried to show people a different picture of Islam (Fortunately, not many people are buying that crap anymore. Too much evidence to the contrary is widely available). I have quoted the Holy Quran’s verses that resoundingly reject violence of any kind.  (But I can quote many more that do prescribe violence)


I have quoted the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him), which blatantly put extremist ideologies to shame (Too bad they were all abrogated by the later verses (see video below), and the peaceful ones that remain are mainly in reference to other muslims). I have provided research that shows Muslims around the world are increasingly concerned about terrorism. (Only as far as the backlash it creates against Muslims)


But writing, unfortunately, does not efface the guilt in one’s heart. There will always be people who will discredit my faith,  whether it be the Islamic State through the beheadings or the opponents of Islam who ignorantly label it as a fundamentalist religion.  (We don’t need to label it, we only need to turn on the nightly news or open the link to BNI everyday) These people will always try and convince the world that my faith somehow supports these senseless tragedies. (You do)


With every new act of terrorism in the name of Islam, I feel as if my previous efforts to restore Islam’s image as a peaceful religion have been in vain. (They have!) With the hostage situation in Australia, I feel myself starting all over again, trying to separate extremism from Islam. It is exhausting. (Don’t waste your time, nobody believes you anymore)


Muslims who believe in peace should not have to live this way.  I am a peaceful citizen like many other law-abiding Muslims residing in the West and other parts of the world, seeking peace and security. (Yes, you are, but only while your population numbers are still low) I want to feel normal again. I deserve to feel normal again. I hope one day I can live in a world where Muslims don’t have to feel stigmatized. (Hey, bitch, there are 56 Muslim countries you can live in to feel that way. Pick one and go there)


But I am not the only one suffering. People who believe in peace all over the world have suffered from the trauma of incidents like the Sydney siege. (Can’t argue with you there, Muslims are attacking people all over the worldI know in the end, we won’t let these attacks break our spirit. When an Australian started the “I’ll ride with you” hashtag on Twitter (quickly proven to have been based on a lieto counter discrimination against Muslims following the siege, consoling thoughts from citizens around the world came pouring in (Good little ignorant dhimmis). The world was surely dark for a second, but light found a way to dispel it. (Only in your inbred muslim mind)


GREAT NEWS! French police kill knife-wielding Muslim in police station who was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar.

French police blew away a Muslim who attacked them with a knife in a police station while shouting “Allahu Akbar” (Our God is greater than your God in Arabic).

NewsRepublic  The Muslim cut the face of a policewoman at the entrance to the police station in Joue-les-Tours near the city of Tours in central France and injured two other officers before he was shot dead, adding that anti-terrorist investigators were probing the incident.