Thursday, 2 October 2014

ISIS threatens to crucify Lebanon’s Christians as the Islamic State prepares to cross Syria border.

LebanonChristians_LGChristians in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley have begun arming themselves in preparation for an ISIS (now known as the Islamic State) offensive as it seeks to expand its territorial control outside of Syria. For Christians, who comprise 20% of Lebanon’s population, it will be fight or flight. 

 Up to 3,000 militants from the Islamic State and other jihadists occupy the mountain range between Lebanon and Syria near the Sunni town of Arsal.

A woman reacts during a sit-in organised by families of the Lebanese soldiers who were captured by Islamist militants in Arsal, demanding their release in the Lebanese town of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley
A woman reacts during a sit-in organized by families of the Lebanese soldiers who were captured by Islamist militants in Arsal, demanding their release in the Lebanese town of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley

As ISIS seeks to grab land outside of the mountain caves and farms they currently control, Christian volunteers have now created village defence forces to protect against the Sunni militants who have taken up to 21 Lebanese soldiers and policemen hostage.

“We are a minority and we are under threat by the jihadists,” Rifaat Nasrallah, a commander of the volunteer guards in the Greek Catholic town of Ras Baalbek, said. “It wasn’t the idea of anyone in particular,” Nasrallah says of the formation of defence units. “The whole village felt in danger so we all agreed it was necessary.”


“We don’t shoot if we see someone or something moving in the mountains,” said one of the watchmen. “We just call the Army and they investigate.” Ras Baalbek has a population of 15,000 and is  separated from the flashpoint town of Arsal by a range of hills.

“Imagine if Islamic State makes it into Ras Baalbek and they crucify a Christian. It will set Lebanon alight,” a western diplomat in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Times. There are approximately 2.4m Chrisitans in Lebanon, 20% of the total population.


The terror group has continued to crack down on religious freedom since the announcement of its Islamic “caliphate”, straddling the Iraqi-Syrian border. The Sunni jihadists have taken over Iraq’s largest Christian town of Qaraqosh causing thousands of residents to flee towards Kurdistan region.

They also issued an ultimatum to Christians in the city of Mosul to convert to their radical form of Islam or be forced to either pay a tax, leave the city or be harmed for refusal to convert.


The city is now reportedly empty of Christians as hundreds of families fled following the ultimatum of death or a historic contract ‒ known as “dhimma”‒ where non-Muslims can receive protection if they pay a fee known as a “jizya.”

ISIS  has now beheaded it’s second of the nineteen hostages taken during the brief occupation of the North Lebanon border town of Arsal.


ISIS beheading of Lebanese soldier:

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Muslim children being trained in the art of beheading (WARNING: Graphic)

School children practicing the sacrificial slaughter of animals, good training for the beheadings they will be expected to carry out when they get a little older.

h/t Martin

Think I’m kidding? This Pakistani kid is 12 years old.

This is what is happening in all the Mosques, and all the Muslim Schools in the UK. Europe and beyond. The 12 year old boy did his first beheading, and rather than being sick to his stomach, he was very proud as as he held up his trophy.

My grandchildren are going to witness Great Britain becoming an Islamic state, they will also be under Sharia law, and the Muslim children that are now in training, are going to be the ones making my grandchildren's lives a living hell, and that goes for all the indigenous children growing up today, what future do they have to look forward to, they don't have any future.

When the children ask their parents, why did they let this happen,will the parents be able to tell their children that they did their best to stop Muslims from taking over, or will they hang their heads in shame, and say they never thought it would come to this.

WTF? Pope Francis meets with illegal alien Muslim survivors of Lampedusa invader boat shipwreck.

These North African Muslims successfully invaded the Italian island of Lampedusa and this ignorant dhimmi Pope welcomes them? Why weren’t they sent back?

Up to 30 asylum seekers staying at Bolton hotel.

The Premier Inn, near the Macron Stadium, where about 30 asylum seekers are staying.
The Premier Inn, near the Macron Stadium, where about 30 asylum seekers are staying.
ASYLUM seekers are being housed in a Bolton hotel — in what contractors have described as “exceptional circumstances”.
Up to 30 asylum seekers are currently staying at the Premier Inn, next to the Macron Stadium, on a short-term basis.
The company responsible for finding housing for asylum seekers in the North West — Serco — confirmed that a number of people had been staying at the hotel since the weekend, but would not say where they were from.
It is understood the group was transferred to Bolton from London
The Bolton News are lying about the numbers of immigrants staying at the Premier Inn at the Middlebrook Horwich. Bolton. The number of immigrants are 60 + and Bolton council are being paid by the home office to house them in the hotel.
One MP said it was disgusting that these immigrants have to be put up in a hotel. WTF!!! is it not disgusting that soldiers that have come back from Afghanistan have been made homeless , and some are now living on the streets, why are they they not being put up in a hotel until a home is found for them. Bolton Labour council makes me sick, everyone of them are corrupt, all they care about are Muslims and immigrants, they don't care less for the homeless White people, but immigrants have to be put up, and fed.
It is said that these immigrants have been moved from London to Bolton. It was David Cameron that said,London has to many immigrants, and they must be spread around different parts of England, and Bolton has ended up with 60 + immigrants, that now has to be found homes, and they will be put i to their own home before any White person is offered a house, some people have been on the waiting list for years, and the reason they still are on the waiting list, is because of the immigrants that are being found homes first. If you are a White indigenous person, Labour hates you, but you still vote for them at election time. You must stop voting for Labour, because all they want are immigrants. Bolton is now over run with Muslims and immigrants, and it has to stop, and the way to stop it is, do not vote Labour.

Muslims Get UK To Ban Bomb Sniffing Dogs Because It Offends Them.

In the Muslim faith, dogs are deemed to be spiritually ‘unclean’. So naturally, Muslims are wanting to ban dogs from being a part of airport security, even though doing so would severely restrict their ability to do their job. This report was brought by the Transport Department and claimed that it would be more acceptable if the dogs would not touch the passengers’ luggage.
You mean to tell me this cute thing is banned?
You mean to tell me this cute thing is banned?
The report also said that the use of full body scans are inappropriate and just an alternative to having people strip searched. Regardless of what you think about those methods of national security, keep in mind these actions were due to the wake of 2005 London suicide bomb attacks.
Body Scanner Woman
According to Muslims, this is about as offensive as bomb sniffing dogs.
British Transport Police last night claimed that it would still use sniffer dogs, which are trained to detect explosives, with any passengers regardless of faith. The report concluded with: “The use of sniffer dogs was generally problematic for Muslim respondents on religious grounds if there was the potential of the dog to make direct contact with them.”
News of the setback caused by the report came as the Government yesterday admitted that installing 100% airport style screening at subway systems were not ‘feasible’.
London Terrorist Attacks
Has London not learned anything?
All in all, this is simply pushing forward the notion that the UK does not value national security as much as they should, especially when there are so many increasingly amounts of muslims in London.

Muslims are now running England, the government will have you believe they are in charge, but they are not, it is the Muslims that are running the show. What government would stop sending in sniffer dogs because the Muslims don't like them, none of them would, unless the Muslims are telling them what they can can't do.
England is now a joke, the White indigenous people can not see that we are heading for a Muslim controlled country with Sharia law, anyone that says Great Britain is in danger of being taken over by the Muslims, they are called racist. They are not racist at all, we are trying to save our country and the people in it.
It is the Muslims who are the racist, it is Muslims that want Sharia law, it is Muslims that want to behead people, hang people and stone people to death, but the English just can't see it, but they will when it's to late.
But what is happening now regarding the sniffer dogs, is Muslims dictating to the government, saying dogs are not allowed in there religion, well guess what!!! Islam is not a religion, it never has been and never will be. Islam is a ideology, Islam means to submit, and to be severely punished if anyone disobeys it, you can be beheaded, hung or stoned to death, for even asking questions about it. Muslims are evil people, they want world domination, and they are on course for getting it.
Wake up England. Wake up Great Britain. Wake up Europe. Dogs need to be in the airports, to sniff out the Muslim bombers. This is the reason why dogs want to ban dogs, the problem is though, the Conservatives, the Labour party, the Lib/Dems and even Ukip, are all for the Muslims, they all want more Muslims in their parties, and they all want more immigration. 
England used to be a very proud nation, but now it's just a joke, and the Muslims are pissing themselves at how stupid and gullible we as a nation really are.